This fake app drains your mobile battery and steals your passwords; delete it

Unfortunately, we are not dealing with a unique case. It is quite common to come across software of this type, created solely to defraud. In many cases it goes unnoticed, so the victim does not find out that she has a virus of this type until it is too late and her passwords or personal data have been stolen.

Fake apps on Android

There are several applications that you could have in Android and they are really a fraud. In fact, this report that we echo has detected no less than 43. However, there are 4 main ones. The sum of all of them has reached 2.5 million downloads. They supplant original applications, such as Android’s own calendar. Other fake apps found have been TV/DMB Player, Music Downloader and News.

But, what happens if you have one of these programs installed? The app will remain without giving signals for several weeks. They do this so as not to arouse suspicion. From there, start your fraud activity. What they do is display advertising, even if the screen is off. A clear example of adware, which can melt the phone’s battery.

They do this since, in the installation process, they are going to ask the victim to allow that app to run in the background, something that is going to mean that it uses processor, memory, network resources, etc. It will allow this fake application to run with the screen turned off, without the need for the mobile to be unlocked. You will be constantly consuming resources.

As indicated from McAfee, the ads disappear as soon as the screen is turned on. However, it is possible that, for a short time, they can be seen right when you turn it on. What the attackers are looking for is not to arouse suspicion, since if the victim sees that ads appear constantly, she could investigate what is happening.

Application that affects millions of devices

steal data

But one more problem is that these applications can reach steal data and passwords. They can ask for permissions to access banking applications, for example. They could also act as a Trojan horse and start collecting all kinds of information. A problem that, without a doubt, will put privacy and security at risk.

They will always hide as if they were a legitimate program, which simply allows to have some function in Android or any enhancement. The problem, as you have seen, is that they have been available in Google play. It is the official Android application store, so they have previously had to pass a filter. Once again, it has been shown that cybercriminals have been able to evade that filter.

What can you do to protect yourself and avoid this problem? The first and most important thing is to always be very careful with the apps you install on mobile. Our advice is that you review the installed programs very well, that you read comments and ratings, that you know exactly what that app is about and not be surprised later. Always download them from official sites, even if that does not guarantee 100% security.

You should also have good protected the device. A good antivirus will help you detect the entry of malware. Having the device updated is also key to correcting certain vulnerabilities that may exist. Always install the latest versions and avoid having an outdated device.

In short, as you can see we are facing a new problem that affects the android security. In this case, they are applications that have the ability to display advertising, even if the screen is turned off. That will cause the battery to drain quickly. It is important that you take steps to avoid problems. There are many threats, such as madware, adware and Trojans that can steal your passwords, so it is advisable to take preventive measures.

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