Why do I need to customize McAfee antivirus updates

This is a security firm that will surely be more than familiar to most of you. Among many other things due to the large number of years it has been offering its services to both end users and companies. However, something that is extended to practically all the antivirus that we use in Windows, protection is not only effective by installing the software.

With all this, what we want to tell you is that it is not enough to download and install the antivirus and forget about it. In order for the protection to be as effective as possible, we must also carry out a series of configurations and maintenance of it. For example, as with the rest of the programs we use here, everything related to updates is more than important. In fact, this kind of security apps They allow us to carry out certain personalization functions in relation to the updates that arrive. Of course, this is something that also extends to the solution that McAfee presents to us.

Different types of antivirus updates

The first thing to know is that antivirus, unlike most other programs, have two different updates. The first one refers to the program as such, in this case to the McAfee security solution that we have acquired and that needs to be updated to receive new functions and correct bugs. But at the same time we find other very important updates.

The applications have an internal database with all the malicious codes detected to date, a database that, as you can imagine, has to be updated. Therefore, that is precisely the second modality that we are talking about, since with the passage of days and weeks new types of malware that the antivirus itself must recognize do not stop appearing. Hence precisely in the upgrade of said database.

McAfee’s solution updates itself

Likewise, in most cases both elements that require some kind of update, you receive them on Instagram automatically. However, this is not always the best decision, as all this can take a while and also negatively affect the performance of the team in general.

In addition, we cannot forget that the download of these elements needs a certain bandwidth that at that moment we may need for other more important tasks. But as we told you, this is something that we can solve by customizing these tasks by hand.

Update the security solution manually

As we mentioned before the manual updates These types of programs are possibly the best in most cases. In fact, solutions like the one we are talking about in these same lines give us that possibility. In this way we will be able to use the local resources of the equipment and the internet bandwidth for this type of task.

This is something we can do by clicking on PC security located at the top of the main interface. Next, we click on the Update this application button to download and install the most recent of the program as such. In addition, on this same screen we find a link called Search Updates. This also allows us to download the database with the latest malicious codes found.

In this way, while the process of download and install we can get up and do other things so that all of this does not interfere with the rest of the work. For example, at lunchtime or shortly before turning off the computer.

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