Why is it time to change your router?

The most important device to connect to the Internet is the router. This makes it essential to use a device that works well, is up to date and secure. Therefore, it is sometimes appropriate change the one we have, possibly the one the operator gave us. In this article we are going to explain why now is a good time to do it and what benefits we can have.

It’s a good time to buy a new router

Over time, technology advances and improvements are made that can make them work faster, more securely or have new features. The same happens with the routers. In fact, if we compare a current device with one from 10 years ago, we will see that the difference is very important in all aspects. Therefore, sometimes it is convenient to change it and now is a good time.

security improvements

One of the reasons is for security. An old router can be vulnerable to different attacks that have been emerging. Some even today do not have patches to correct them. Also, Wi-Fi encryption has improved relatively recently with the introduction of WPA-3which comes to replace the previous WPA-2.

If you buy a current router, with the latest major upgrades, you’ll have that WPA-3 encryption and you’ll be able to better protect your devices and prevent the entry of intruders to the wireless network that can cause speed loss, outages and problems on a daily basis. It is one of the main reasons to update the device.

WiFi 6

Another reason is that, as in the case of Wi-Fi encryption, wireless technology has also improved. We talk about WiFi 6which came to offer better performance than its predecessor Wi-Fi 5. Older routers do not support this protocol, so buying a new one will make your network work better.

Wi-Fi 6 offers higher speed. If you want your computer or mobile to fly when browsing wirelessly, this protocol is ideal. You will notice a significant change if you compare it with previous versions. Now that you can find fiber optic rates of even symmetrical 1 Gbps, you must have a router that can really take advantage of that. (

better coverage

Another important issue is the coverage. We have more and more devices connected to the Internet in our home. We are talking about the Internet of Things, such as televisions, smart light bulbs, video players… But of course, sometimes they are far from the router and the signal does not arrive well and problems appear.

If you buy a new router, a current one that has the best possible coverage, you will solve this problem. You will see a significant improvement in performance and you will have more flexibility to connect from different areas of the house without major problems and without those dreaded outages.

More configuration options

One more reason why it is a good time to change routers is to achieve more options in settings. It is a bit linked to what we mentioned before, and that is that we have more devices connected and sometimes it is convenient to configure the network correctly so as not to have problems and for it to work as well as possible.

An example is the ability of current routers to balance the connection and concentrate it where we are really going to need it most. For example, if you are playing a 4K Streaming video from a computer or television, you will need the connection to be maximum on that computer.

In short, these are the main reasons why it is a good time for you to buy a new router. You have many options available. You can see the characteristics of a router to work, in case you want something more oriented to teleworking.

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