Why should you consider hiring a coach to improve your gameplay?

You’re a gamer, and you want to improve your skills. Now, you have been playing online games for a while, but something just isn’t clicking. It’s time to hire a coach so that you can finally start winning more games! If you have the money available, it is worth considering hiring an expert to help you out with your gaming habits because it could be what tips the scales in your favor when playing against other gamers.

In this article, we will discover why hiring a coach may be beneficial for you, as well as some of the pros and cons associated with coaches.

  • A coach can help you get out of your comfort zone: One of the biggest things a coach can do is help you get out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’re playing support and always tend to play in a passive or defensive way when it comes to positioning yourself on the map, your coach could encourage you to be more aggressive than normal, so you can provide more utility for your team. On the other hand, if you’re an aggressive player who is not putting enough pressure on your solo lanes, your coach can help you identify this problem and come up with ideas to improve it.
Why should you consider hiring a coach to improve your gameplay?
  • A coach helps players learn faster: One of the things that coaches are best at doing is helping their students understand new material or concepts in a way that makes sense for them. When learning about something like League of Legends, there are so many different aspects involved in playing it competitively (drafting, laning phase strategy, objective control, etc.) while certain people may be good at some things but struggle when others get added into the mix. Coaches will break down these complex topics by breaking them down into smaller parts to make sure they are easier to understand.
  • A coach can help you set goals for yourself: Setting up some short-term and long-term goals are great ways to stay motivated. Your coach can assist in helping you come up with these so that they’re reasonable, attainable, but challenging as well. That way, the time spent working towards them will be worth it! Additionally, if you feel like your progress is too slow and it’s not motivating, a coach can help you stay on track.
Why should you consider hiring a coach to improve your gameplay?
  • Your gaming habits may change over time: One thing to consider when hiring a coach is your own behavior. Why do you want to improve? Do your current habits hinder improvement, or are they helping you get better? As time goes on, our behaviors can change and evolve; it’s important that the changes we make as gamers work towards an end goal instead of just delaying progress because there is no sense in improving if it won’t help you become a better player! It is of no surprise that esports coaching is on the rise.
  • Some people can be intimidated by coaches: Another thing to consider when hiring someone who will provide coaching for your gameplay habits is that not everyone responds well to having an authority figure watching over them while they play. While some gamers like the fact that somebody else has their back and knows what they are doing wrong, other gamers want full control over their own game; leaving this kind of power inside another person’s hands could make them feel uneasy or uncomfortable at times because there is always the possibility that some things could go wrong with communication between player and coach.
  • Additionally, if you do find a gamer who is willing to work with you, not every coach knows how best to teach their students. If they don’t know what’s wrong and can’t help properly fix it for them, then the player may end up feeling even more discouraged than before, which could lead to quitting altogether.
Why should you consider hiring a coach to improve your gameplay?
  • Coaches can help keep players accountable: Coaching staff often have a system where they check in with each player multiple times per day (or week) so that there is always someone keeping track of what’s going on within your team. This helps make sure everyone is doing whatever they need to do when it comes down to practicing, scrimming, etc. No one falls through the cracks!

There is no doubt that there are several things to consider when it comes down to finding an effective eSports coaching staff. However, if you do your research and find someone who truly knows what they’re talking about, then you will surely see some positive changes happen in your gameplay!

  • Coaches encourage good practice habits: One thing coaches tend to stress the importance of is good practice habits. This means that if you are taking breaks, not giving your best effort when practicing, or aren’t staying focused during scrims; then there is a good chance the coach will address it with you to help motivate you to change those behaviors so that everyone else on the team can benefit from an improved experience.

On the other hand, you might find a coach who only wants to focus on the positive and doesn’t want you to improve your mistakes. This is also something that comes down to personal preference as some people would rather not point out their faults because they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with it, but for those of us looking to improve, we need an honest assessment from someone who knows what good play looks like so that we can achieve it ourselves!

  • Hiring a coach is affordable: It is also important to note, coaching is very affordable. You don’t need to harm your budget to get someone who can help you improve your game because there are loads of coaches out there that will work with whatever budget you have available.

Conclusion: In summary, hiring a coach can be very advantageous to your playing skills, and it’s definitely worth looking into if you have the money. It may not necessarily be for everyone, but there are tons of pros associated with coaching, so it is well worth considering!

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