Why the cloud is a good complement to hard drives

Using the cloud alongside a hard drive

To save files, such as folders with photos, videos, music or any document, we can use a physical memory and also the cloud. A physical memory it can be a hard drive, a flash drive, a card… But we can say that the cloud is an ideal complement to also store files there.

More affordable backups

The first reason is to ensure that a backup is more accessible. We will be able to have it anywhere, since we will only need to have access to the Internet. This means that you will not only be limited to that hard drive that is on a computer, for example, but you will be able to enter from your mobile, a tablet, etc.

This is important, since today there are many problems that can arise. For example, a ransomware attack that makes the computer unusable. You can enter the backup from another device or even from that same computer, but through a Live CD.

Have the files always available

There are many occasions when we need to access certain documents while we are away. For example, if we are traveling and we need to modify a file or review any document. Simply by accessing from the Internet we will be able to have those copies.

The fact of not only limiting them to having the content on a hard drive and also being able to have it in the cloud, will allow us to access from anywhere. Once again, the only thing that we are going to need is to have a compatible device that has Internet access to be able to enter.

What stops the use of the cloud

Reduce the risk of viruses

Another reason to use the cloud as a complement to physical memories is to reduce the virus risk. Maybe your computer has some kind of malware. For example, if you have recently installed a program from unsafe sources or downloaded a file from email and it contains a threat. ( That could put all the files you have saved at risk.

If you use the cloud, that information will be safe. Also, many cloud storage services are going to have a built-in antivirus. This will allow you to scan for viruses and threats that may compromise your privacy and network security.

Avoid hardware problems

Hard drives have a limited life. Although they can last for many years before they stop working, there comes a time when they will no longer be able to continue. In addition, they can always arise problems and bugs hardware. For example, if a component breaks and that prevents it from working properly.

By being able to have storage in the cloud, if a problem arises on the hard drive you will be able to keep a backup. In this case, the problem that could appear is that the service stops working, either due to a specific failure or that the platform directly closes. So having both options will complement each other very well.

In short, as you have seen, using the cloud is a very interesting complement to having a hard drive. This will allow you to always have the files available, protected and accessible from any device. Of course, you should be aware that there are problems in cloud storage.

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