Protect these 3 platforms that you use every day and they will not scam you on the Internet

Hackers can steal your personal information and passwords through multiple means. They can launch phishing campaigns, send malware, or directly attack apps or services you use. To avoid problems, in this article we are going to talk about what 3 platforms you must protect especially. They are widely used, they are part of our day to day, and that makes cybercriminals put their efforts here.

Keep in mind that there are platforms that can contain many personal data or private conversations. If one of these is attacked, your privacy may be in serious jeopardy. In addition, they can be used as a bridge to reach other online services and, ultimately, launch more personalized attacks.

What online services should you protect?

You should mainly protect your email, the social networks you use and platforms such as WhatsApp. They are, without a doubt, very popular services and where attackers can try to launch campaigns to steal passwords and personal data continuously to achieve their goals.


One of the most important elements for your security is email. Think that it can even serve as a password manager, to remember the passwords that for some reason you have forgotten. If an attacker manages to gain control of your e-mailyou could have privacy problems as you can even impersonate your identity.

Platforms like Outlook or Gmail are essential for our day to day. We may have personal, work, university emails… You may even have text files with confidential information. In case they manage to steal all that, it would also affect other services that you may have linked. Simply opening a spam email is dangerous.


It is the main platform for instant messaging. Using WhatsApp is part of our day to day to stay in touch with friends and family. Even many companies use it as a way to communicate with customers. There we can store many conversations, images, videos, files…

You should also protect WhatsApp to avoid problems on the Internet. If a cybercriminal manages to steal your conversations or access your contacts, you could have problems similar to mail theft. They could also impersonate your identity, launch spam or malware campaigns towards your contacts using your name, etc.

It is important that you have the application updated, as well as avoid errors such as opening a link that is sent to you. They can use many different strategies, such as sending you supposed offers and discount codes to attract your attention and click on them.

whatsapp errors

Social networks

Of course, we must mention social networks. platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you must protect them properly. You must maintain privacy, as well as be careful with any links that are sent to you. It could be a fake link, to steal your data or sneak in some type of malware without you realizing it.

Cybercriminals will always find a way to interact on these platforms. They can create fake profiles, use bots, etc. It is essential that you only have trusted contacts and that you never give out more information than is necessary, as it can be used to launch personalized Phishing campaigns.

As you can see, it is key to protect these 3 platforms. Be careful with email, WhatsApp and social networks. If you comply with this, you will be more protected on the Internet and you will have fewer problems that affect your privacy when browsing.

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