Why the Store should disappear, the Windows store

It is not the first time that it has been heard that the Windows application store is going to disappear. However, after the big bet on it in Windows 11, things get complicated. Despite this, some editions of the operating system, such as the Business and the Education, they already omit it.

It is true that the Microsoft Store gives us a series of advantages over the installation of conventional programs, such as eliminating dependencies or being able to forget about updates, since when there is a new version it will be downloaded automatically. However, it is not enough considering your handicaps.

The Store is full of malware

The first of the problems, which has dragged on since the time of Windows 8, is the large number of fake apps, or malware, what does the store have. Microsoft does not apply any control over the developers and the applications that upload to the store. And, as expected, these take advantage to deceive users.

Microsoft should have more control over each and every one of the applications that are launched in its store, radically eliminating all those that can cause confusion. In addition, it is essential to implement a system of “featured developers” that allows us to know if a certain “VideoLAN” is the real person in charge of VLC or a user who tries to impersonate him.

Many important programs are missing from the Store

Another problem that we are going to find when using this application store is that many of the programs that we want to use Are not avaliables. And some (again, like VLC) have nothing to do with the usual desktop version.

The first limitation that we find is when looking for a browser. Since Microsoft does not allow anything other than Edge to land on the store, we cannot download Chrome or Firefox from this store. Many other programs, such as GIMP, and even Microsoft’s own suite, Office, still do not show signs of life within the store (despite the fact that for both there were rumors of an imminent launch).

Falas apps GIMP Microsoft Store

With Windows 11, the number of developers who dare to publish their programs in the store is expected to increase. But, for now, it leaves a lot to be desired.

There are many other alternatives to install programs

Creating a store in the purest macOS style could be a good idea (although, clearly, it has been carried out badly). However, was it really necessary to create other alternatives to find and download programs in Windows? And worst of all, was it necessary that these were better than the Store itself?

Microsoft has recently released Winget, a program manager in the purest Linux APT style that allows us to search for programs in complete repositories, download them, install them, update them… everything. In addition, there are other alternatives, such as Ninite or Chocolate and that also allow us to automate the download, installation and update of programs. So what will happen to the Microsoft Store?

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