why thousands of subscribers are without network this morning

Reports have been exploding since 8 a.m. this morning. Orange subscribers are complaining in droves of having suddenly lost their Internet connection and being unable to make calls and send SMS. According to the company, the problem was caused by a problem with the power supply.

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1:09 p.m. update:

Following the publication of our article, Orange contacted us to inform us of the reason for the outage. The operator explained to us that the latter was caused by “a power supply problem”, before officially communicating about the incident on his Twitter account. The maintenance work mentioned in our article would therefore have no connection with the network failure.

In the early afternoon, things gradually return to normal for subscribers. All, on the other hand, have not yet regained full access to their services. “Orange remains mobilized to ensure the full restoration of services as soon as possible”said the operator.

Article from 03/15/2023:

Barely two months after the last major outage that affected the Orange network, subscribers to the incumbent operator find themselves in trouble again this morning. As usual, Down Detector’s graphics don’t lie. For about 8 hours, the number of reports has literally exploded. The complaints, on the other hand, are diverse.

Some have no Internet connection at all. Others can no longer make calls or send text messages. The unluckiest combine the two disadvantages. In writing, we are partially affected by the phenomenon. While some are completely spared the breakdown, others face the concerns mentioned above.

orange down detector failure

The Orange outage caused by maintenance work?

Surprisingly, we even noticed a return of the Internet connection for a few seconds, before it disappeared again. It would therefore seem that Orange is already aware of the outage and that the operator works to repair it as soon as possible. To tell the truth, it could be that the latter had already foreseen that problems would arise this morning.

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Indeed, as reported by user HRL on Twitter, it seems that maintenance work is in progress on the Orange network. The operator also specifies that these “may impact your services”. So that could explain the breakdown of the last few hours, as well as the fact that not all subscribers seem concerned.

Problem, Orange failed to warn its subscribers in good and due form. Just like HRL, we have not received any message from the operator telling us that we could experience disturbances during the morning. For the time being, the latter has not yet officially communicated on the matter. So let’s hope everything gets back to normal soon.

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