Why watching Netflix on your PS5 is a bad idea

One of the advantages of having a console is that, not only does it keep us entertained for many hours a day with lots of video games but, on top of that, is compatible with most movies and series applications in streaming so there is no need to leave the same place to continue with that digital entertainment binge finesemanill. But there is a small inconvenience that you have never noticed if Netflix or any other is your favorite. Do you know which?

power without control

There was an old television ad that came to say that “power without control is useless” and that has remained practically a universal truth. And that, which was applicable to a brand of tires, we could almost take it without changing a comma to the realm of consoles, It doesn’t matter if they are new or old generation, although it is true that in the case of PS5 the data is overwhelmingly negative.

Applied to PS5 it means that the console, to launch the video games that run through its veins, it needs hardware that is not cheap, neither economically nor energetically. That is to say that while we enjoy god of war ragnarok That consumption is justified by the graphic display and the work that the CPU or the graphics card have to carry out, but when we talk about playing a simple series on Netflix… the price we pay doesn’t rent us that much anymore.

As you may have guessed, the drawback of using a PS5 to watch Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat we are killing flies with cannon firemaking available to an app a torrent of graphics and energy power that is not needed and, therefore, making the electricity bill absurdly more expensive, which, as you well know, are not the times for waste.

Consumption Differences

Now, in numbers, how much are we talking about? Well, as the Flatpanels HD portal has been able to investigate, Watching Netflix on PS5 means consuming 25 times more energy than if we do it on a Chromecast of Google. And if we prefer Xbox Series X, the next-gen From Microsoft, that amount is only 18. It is a slight saving but within an extraordinarily high amount of waste.

Please note that both PS5 and Xbox Series X have a consumption of 80W and 57W respectively, which is a real savagery if we compare it with the 3.2W of a Google Chromecast or the 4W of the Cupertino model, the famous Apple TV. So the next time you want to watch a series or a movie, we recommend that you think about it a little.

Anyway the problem is not only energy since other limitations must be added obvious since they are not platforms focused on the reproduction of only streaming content, such as the lack of technologies that are used by those HDMI keys from Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. And they are HDR, for example, which in the case of consoles becomes forced and non-native for this type of content, or the lack of compatibility with such necessary standards as Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos.

So things … are you going to use your PS5 next time to watch Netflix?

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