Why you should change the Wi-Fi and router password

Having passwords is essential to prevent hackers from entering our accounts and devices. This also applies to wireless networks, for example. Now, why is it important that you change the password for your Wi-Fi and router? We are going to talk about it in this article. We are going to give some tips to ensure that the connection works correctly and remains secure at all times.

Change the Wi-Fi and router password

Keep in mind that they are two different passwords. In fact, many users only focus on the Wi-Fi key and forget about the router. And that is a problem. They can leave the door open for cybercriminals to control the network and can even disrupt the operation of Wi-Fi itself.

Even if you have a Wi-Fi password set, it’s important to change it if you haven’t done so recently. Many users keep the key that comes from the factory and that is a serious mistake. You need change it and put another that is really strong, since otherwise you would not be properly protecting your network.

The same should apply to router password. Normally to access the configuration of the device we use passwords of the type “1234”, “admin123” and similar. They are totally predictable passwords an attacker could access without much difficulty if you don’t change it.

Therefore, you should immediately change your password for both Wi-Fi and the router. Even if you changed it when you bought the router or the carrier gave it to you, it’s a good idea to update the password from time to time. In this way you will maintain security at all times and keep hackers away.

But beyond changing the Wi-Fi password, you should also look at what type of encryption you use. For this you have to enter the router. You can see how to enter according to the brand of the router. Once inside, you have to go to the Wi-Fi section and there see the type of encryption you have.

It is important that you avoid the ones that are outdated. For example WEP or WPA is not a good idea to have. You better configure it with WPA-2 or WPA-3which are the most recent encryptions and the ones that will really protect your wireless connection and prevent the entry of intruders that may affect security.

How should the password be?

We have discussed the importance of immediately changing the router password. It is important to do this periodically because vulnerabilities that you are not aware of may arise. But what kind of key should you put? Not just anyone, as you can imagine. That password has to be unique and totally random.

A good password is one that contains letters (both uppercase and lowercase), as well as numbers and other special symbols. In this way you will create a password that has everything to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to enter. Also, the length is also going to matter. A simple additional symbol or letter is going to increase security exponentially.

You can help yourself with secure password managers to create keys that have certain requirements and thus avoid risks. For example LastPass is a very popular one and it works very well. You can create all the passwords you need and change them periodically to always keep the router protected.

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