Why you shouldn’t have your whole house at the same temperature

It is not necessary to have the same temperature throughout the house

Keep in mind that a single degree can make you consume more or less. Although it will depend on heating type that you use and other factors, more or less each degree of more will cause you to consume about 7% more. Therefore, not setting the temperature beyond what is necessary can save you money each month.

On this basis, we can say that you don’t need to have your whole house at the same temperature. You do not need the living room to be the same as the bathroom or the room where you are going to sleep, for example. Each case is different and that means that you can regulate the temperature so you are not paying more.

In general terms we can say that the ideal is for the house to be between 19 and 21 degrees. If you are comfortable at 19, better to save logically. But of course, he bathroom It is interesting that it has a little more temperature when you go to shower. In that case you can put it at 21-23 degrees.

If we go to another case, the room Where you go to sleep does not always need to be at 19-21 degrees. You’re really only going to be there to sleep at night. So what temperature to keep it at? It is considered a good temperature to sleep and save energy if we keep it at 16-17 degrees at night. Although it will depend on each person, generally you will not need it to be more than 17 or 18 degrees. You will sleep well and you will be saving energy during the day.

It is not necessary for it to have a high temperature either. aisle or a room where you barely go for things, such as a pantry. In those cases you can also save and keep the radiators at a lower level so as not to spend too much.

Insulating the house is important

But for all this to make sense, something very important is that the house has a good thermal insulation. In this way you can maintain the temperature as much as possible when you turn off the heating at night, for example. It is essential that the windows are well sealed and that the doors do not let in cold air.

In addition, as we have explained, you can have the rooms of the house at different temperatures. But of course, if you have the living room at 20 degrees and the corridor at 18, for example, it is necessary that you keep the door closed so that the air does not pass from one place to another and you are spending more than necessary.

Therefore, our advice is that you check the thermal insulation of the house very well. That will help you save energy, regardless of the time you put the heating on each day or the temperature at which you keep the home. It will be very helpful to pay less by preventing it from getting cold quickly.

In short, it is not necessary to have the whole house at the same temperature. In fact, in order to save, it is essential that there are differences depending on the place of residence. Of course, keep in mind the thermal insulation.

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