WiFi repeater near the TV, is it a good idea? This you should know

Using a repeater is one of the most common options to improve the wireless network at home. We noticed that the signal does not reach a specific area strongly and we bought a device so that this does not happen. A clear example is when the coverage does not reach the Smart TV well. Now, is it good to put a repeater very close to television? We are going to explain what you should take into account and, in this way, avoid problems that prevent you from connecting correctly.

The repeater’s mission is connect to router to later repeat that signal. If the coverage is not very good in a room, that repeater can boost it. It doesn’t work miracles, it won’t take the signal super far, or at the same speed as if you connect directly to the router; but it can make it improve.

Repeater next to the television

So, is it good to put the repeater right next to the television? You are going to have to think about several factors and one of them is the possible interference that there may be. Near the television you may have other devices that are not good friends of Wi-Fi. For example, you can have Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth controllers, or any other device that uses this technology. The reason is that it uses the 2.4 GHz frequency to operate, so it could generate interference.

Furthermore, having the repeater very close to the television does not mean that the Wi-Fi will be better. As we have mentioned, the device will have to connect to the router. If it is too far away, it may receive very weak signal. Therefore, perhaps you should consider putting it a little closer to the router, even if it is in another room, so that it can repeat the signal better.

You should also see if the television problem really is coverage or not. Maybe putting a repeater or where you place it doesn’t have as much influence; The failure may be due to an error in the system, a bad configuration, the router… It is important that you detect what the limitation may be and thus take action.

How many Wi-Fi repeaters to use

Alternatives to a repeater

Are there alternative options to having to use a repeater for television? You are going to have several. One of them is to have PLC devices. They are devices that are connected through electrical wiring, so you can take the connection from one place to another in the home. Very useful to bridge the distance and not have problems.

Another option is to connect your television via network wire, as long as possible. You will avoid interference and you will not have to worry so much about the distance. It can be used to avoid Internet problems on television. Of course, it is important that you use a quality cable. What you should look for is an option to be able to have connectivity without problems, without interruptions.

In short, putting the Wi-Fi repeater near the television may or may not be good, depending on the circumstances. You could have interference with other devices or not receive the router signal well. However, it could be useful if these problems do not exist and you can achieve better signal quality.

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