Willem Dafoe tells how he stayed hidden on the set of Spider-Man: No way home

The truth is that Spider-Man: No Way Home did a very good job of keeping secret the appearance, or not, of some legendary actors of the franchise spider-man in its various incarnations. Especially in these times of the Internet.

The worst part fell to poor Andrew Garfield, who was in the middle of promoting his movie tick tick boom As the premiere of spider-man, so he was peppered with questions until he had had enough.

Another one that went unnoticed was Willem Dafoe in his role as Green Goblin. While Jamie Foxx, as Electro, and Alfred Molina, as Doctor Octopus, were confirmed long before, Dafoe was left for last and nobody knew for sure if he would come out.

In the end he did and so Marvel hid it from us.

How Willem Dafoe was hidden on the set of Spider-Man: No way home

Filming for the film occurred in multiple locations. Most notably, it was made in some of New York’s most legendary neighborhoods, including queens, the place where you live spider-man. And hiding a star like Willem Dafoe in that city was not easy.

Although the actor has a house there with his wife, the truth is that do not lavish around the cityIn fact, he himself admits that he leads a nomadic life from here to there, so seeing him on the streets of New York would have aroused suspicion.

So they tried to hide it as it were, with classic, but effective measures.

In an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the actor explained what they did.

When he went to the shoot, Willem Dafoe he was always hooded and covered in a black tunic, being also transported in a car with tinted windows.

In that vehicle he went from home to filming and from filming to home. Marvel executives they didn’t want him to go anywhere and no one would see him around town, so that no one would notice and connect the dots that Willem Dafoe was in the same place as the filming of spider-man.

The truth is it worked.

No one was 100% sure that Dafoe would appear, until in the teaser trailers endings began to give clues that The green Goblin, the most legendary villain of comics spider-man he was also going to be in his biggest movie to date.

Once again, we were treated to Dafoe’s warped mannerisms, well suited to the supervillain’s possessed personality. His role in the film is pivotal and the rest is Marvel history.

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