Windows 10 Pro for €13: latest March offers with 91% discount

If you have just bought a new computer without an operating system, be it a desktop or a laptop with the FreeDoS operating system. Today on the official Gvgmalls website you can buy licenses for the Windows operating system, either for the Windows 10 Home or Pro system and also Windows 11 Pro. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to buy the office suite par excellence, that is, Microsoft Office in its versions of 2016, 2019 and even the new version of 2021. Do you want to know what the best offers of the week are to save a lot of money?

All offers on Windows and Office

If you are interested in buying cheap Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 operating system licenses so that the license is for life, then you have all the ones available right now. Remember to apply the REDE discount coupon to have a 30% discount compared to the normal price.

Once you know all the available licenses, we are going to show you how to buy at Goodoffer24 so that you do not have any doubts.

How to shop at Gvgmalls

To buy on the official Gvgmalls website, you must enter the link that you want from all of the above. Next, we click on the “Buy” button, as you can see in the drop-down, in about 3-5 minutes we will have the Windows or Office license with us once we have made the payment.

In the license purchase wizard, we will have to enter the discount code “REDE” and click apply. In a completely automatic way we will be able to see the new price of the license that we have bought, this discount code can be used as many times as you want, there is no limit, and it will provide you with an automatic 30% discount.

Once we have applied the discount coupon, we will go to the payment section where you can choose different ways to pay for the Windows or Office license. Finally, it will confirm that the purchase is correct, we will have to wait a few minutes until we receive an email with the license in digital format, now we will only have to activate the operating system or the office suite.

Activation of Windows 10 Pro

The activation of the Windows operating system is really easy and fast, you just need to go to “Start / Settings / Update and security”. Once you are in this menu, we will have to go to the “Activation” section. In this menu we will have a link that will take us to the activation wizard, in this wizard we will have to enter the license key when asked, once we have done so, our operating system will be activated automatically and without problems, it is a online activation, there is no need to call or perform any additional process.

In this simple and cheap way we will be able to activate our Windows 10 operating system and also Windows 11, in addition, thanks to these super offers we will save a large amount of money compared to buying them directly from Microsoft.

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