Windows 11 is experiencing a decline in growth, a first

Windows 11 continues slowly but surely to gain market share, but it still remains far behind Windows 10. The figures for May 2023 provided by the firm Statcounter still show a slight drop, a first in the history of the system. operating.

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If there’s one company that knows how difficult it is to get a new operating system adopted, it’s Microsoft. Windows 11, released in 2021, is still not the majority version of Windows and the figures from Statcounter for the month of May testify to a small incident along the way.

Indeed, Windows 11 cumulates 22.95% of market share in May 2023. A small drop compared to April 2023 (23.11%). It is the first time the system experiences a setback. This is not necessarily explained by a drop in the number of users, but also by the increase in users of other OSes, such as Windows 10. If we compare the figures to May 2022, Windows 11 remains on a good dynamic, growing by 13% in one year.

Windows 11

Windows 11 down for the first time in its history

Windows 10 remains the king of Microsoft’s OS and even gains in force compared to April 2023, going from 71.36% market share to 71.91%. A small revival of interest which is to the detriment of Windows 7. The august operating system, whose security updates ceased at the beginning of the year, continues to lose users. Currently, 3.61% of PCs in the world still have it. We also salute the resilience of Windows XP, which is still used by 0.32% of users.

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If Windows 10 is still ultra popular, it will end around 2025. As a result, Microsoft is pushing users to jump to version 11, with pop-ups sometimes taking up the entire screen. An aggressive strategy which, for the moment, is not paying off. However, Windows 11 wants to seduce with increased security as well as a more modern design. The Redmond firm has indeed worked a lot on this aspect, by refocusing the use around the taskbar, for example.

Now remains to be seen if the OS will continue its good progress and if May was only a minor incident without gravity.

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