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Wi-Fi light bulbs

One of the first devices that we usually buy when we start to automate our home are the smart bulbs. They are very useful, easy to use and are also becoming cheaper. They can even help save energy if you use them well and make the most of their possibilities. You will be able to turn them off and on by voice, through the mobile application and even without having to be at home. You can also link them to motion sensors or sync them to music.

One option on sale is this pack of two bulbs with Wi-Fi model TP-Link Tapo L530E. They are multicolor, dimmable and 8.7 W. You can use them with Alexa and Google Home, so you can easily control them by voice. Through its application you can program the on and off, in addition to using a timer. They have remote control without the need for a hub and you can track energy consumption in order to save whenever possible.

Another option, also on sale, is this ExtraStar bulb. It is 15 W, multicolor dimmable and warm or white light. You can adjust an infinite number of different colors, as well as being compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It promises a lifespan of 25,000 hours, so it is certainly long-lasting. You can control it by voice and also through the application for iOS or Android.

Another two-bulb pack on sale is this Lepro moelo. They are 9 W LED bulbs. They have a remote control, you can turn them on or off by voice and they do not need a hub. They are warm white and you will be able to program them to turn on or off automatically when you need it.

smart plugs

you can also buy smart plugs in offer. They are very useful for controlling gadgets remotely, even old appliances that are not smart. Basically what you do is turn something off or on remotely, you also manage consumption in real time and you can schedule them.

You can buy this pack of 4 smart plugs at a reduced price, GNCC model. They are compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. They have a timer function, as well as being able to control them remotely, and they support up to 3680 W. This is important, since you can connect high-consumption appliances and not have problems. You will be able to monitor energy consumption and see daily and monthly statistics.

Another option you have is this pack of 2 Tapo P110 smart plugs. They save energy and are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. You will be able to control them remotely, program them and monitor energy consumption to always have statistics available and see how much a specific device uses.

If you’re just looking for a plug with Wi-Fi, this Amazon Smart Plug is on sale. It is compatible with Alexa and you will be able to control it by voice. Very useful for turning on appliances such as coffee makers or lights even without having to be at home. You can manage everything through its mobile application.

In short, these are some offers that you can find on smart bulbs and plugs at a reduced price on Amazon. If you are looking to make your home smart, they are good options to start with and are also cheap.

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