With the Audio Technica M50xSTS you will be like the Xokas, but with better sound and quality


We have been able to test the ATH-M50xSTS, over-ear headphones manufactured by Audio Technica that attract attention for their professional style, with finishes that are reminiscent of mixing tables and professional audio, but that also seek to position themselves as an option for gamers and music lovers. But does he succeed?

ATH-M50xSTS, studio headphones with the desire to play


It’s no coincidence that the M50x are Audio Technica’s best-selling headphones. Just by putting them on we feel a well-built product that thinks of long sessions, whether they are music production or gaming. Well, this model is precisely an M50x with a microphone attached to complete the needs of a streamer and a content creator, being able to record with the comfort of having the microphone always close and allowing total freedom of movement.

If you play with a gamepad and tend to move around a lot, this headworn microphone is perfect for getting that freedom you need, since otherwise a microphone resting on the table will force you to always be glued to it.

Sound quality with punch


Something that has particularly caught our attention is the good bass that the product offers. The music sounds loud and lively, and you don’t have to go all the way up to get it, which is something we particularly liked. In addition, the pads are quite comfortable, since their padding is generous and they insulate very well from the outside, even without noise cancellation.

And how about the microphone?


As we have commented, having the microphone always attached to us no matter how we move is especially how, however, for physical reasons, this microphone model cannot match the quality of other desktop-type microphones that have more condenser units with which to guide sound capture.


The sound you get is good and quite sharp, but it does not reach the sonority of superior models. Still, we like the mix between portability and quality achieved.

Two models to choose


The model that we have been able to test is the version with analog XLR connection, ideal for use in mixing consoles and amplifiers. In any case, if you are looking for something more comfortable and easier to connect, there is also the USB version, which has a USB port and a USB-C adapter to also connect it to phones, laptops and other devices.

In our case, we have used an elgato USB dock, the Wave XLR, which allows microphones to be connected and amplified through a USB-C interface. The headphones have an XLR connector for microphone sound, and a 3.5-mm Jack port (6-mm adapter is also included) for headphone sound.

How much does it cost?


These Audio Technica M50xSTS have a official price of 199 euros for the XLR version, while the USB version raises its price to 229 euros. Both can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer.

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