With these tricks, the results of ChatGPT will be much more accurate

This is a powerful application that comes to us from OpenAI and it is expected that over time it will grow in power and usefulness. It is also important to know that we have the possibility to use it for free and thus be able to see first-hand everything it can offer us. What’s more, some experts point out that this type of platform based on Artificial Intelligence is destined to be clear competitors of the Google search engine.

It must be said that we have the possibility of holding talks with the ChatGPT AI, ask for all kinds of information, compare elements or have it generate texts automatically, among many other things. With everything and with this at the moment the truth is that as a general rule users do not have much experience in the use of this type of platform. That is precisely why we can use a series of useful tricks to be able to take advantage of the potential of all this as well as possible.

We must bear in mind that these AI-based platforms allow us to multitask and take advantage of many of their modes of operation. But on certain occasions we need to go to something more specific and not waste too much time, for which these tricks can be very helpful.

chatgpt suggestions

Provide more accurate data

One of the main objectives presented to us by these platforms based on Artificial Intelligence, is that they provide us with interesting information. But for this, we must first establish a series of data that serve as a reference to the AI ​​and thus obtain better results. In this case, one of the most effective phrases that we can introduce is I will give you…, in order to make it clear which are the terms that interest us in this case.

limit responses

Something similar to the previous case happens when the ChatGPT AI is going to provide us with the information that really interests us. Basically what we want to tell you with this is that to avoid beating around the bush we can set as prompt the terms You will give me. Obviously, in this way we greatly limit the data that the platform will offer us and thus we will save time and gain effectiveness.

Assign a role to the AI

One of the most useful phrases that we can use when assigning a certain role to the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT, is by typing I want you to act like… In this way we are greatly limiting the behavior or character that we want the AI ​​to take and thus obtain better results. Obviously this is something that we apply to the prompt that we use on the platform.

We must bear in mind that largely thanks to the enormous number of parameters that current Artificial Intelligences handle, they can adopt multiple personalities, even those of some celebrities. Hence the importance of limiting its behavior and mode of operation if we want to save time when it comes to obtaining results.

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