With this new Instagram feature you can post to two accounts at the same time

Because this giving you the co-authorship of a content made collaboratively with another is something you could do using the mention stick, as it has been doing until now. But it is not the same, because Instagram Collabs has other advantages that add value as a tool.

The first advantage of Instagram Collabs is that it will save time when publishing content with collaborations on the platform. Because it will be enough for one of the two co-authors to do it and tag the other. So it is only necessary to upload the photo or video once and from a single account.

Once done, the content appears in both the profile of one and the other and it will depend on whether it is a publication from the main feed or from Reels so that it is in one or another section. Of course, the person labeled as a co-author has to previously accept the invitation that arrives and where it is announced that they have been marked as a co-author.

Therefore, although it may not seem like it, the time it takes to upload the content, fill in text, labels, etc., is time that is gained with this option. At least for one of them and that is important when you are repeating these types of actions on a regular basis.

The second advantage important is that highlights or featured data will also be shared. That is, the likes will be the same for both users in their respective publications, also the comments they will be able to read and even the number of views.

So, as you can imagine, it can be a very good way to grow if you collaborate with other users with a larger audience. What we do not know yet is whether, thanks to this greater impact on the other profile, yours would also gain visibility as a suggested account for the rest of Instagram users.

Of course, it must be made clear that Instagram Collabs is not a collaborative tool, with which to make content together. It is to give co-authorship.

How to add a co-author to your posts and reels

As you can see, Instagram Collabs is an interesting feature. But now that you know what it is and what is not as well as its advantages, let’s talk about how to use the new function exactly. Although we already warned you that it really does not have any mystery.

  1. The first thing you have to do is open create your content as you usually do, with the same capture, editing, etc. tools.
  2. Once you have it, open the Instagram application or access Instagram from the web to be able to upload the content you want to publish in the main feed. If it is a Reel you will necessarily have to go to the mobile app
  3. When you have uploaded the content, on the screen to tag people you will see that a new option appears where it is indicated: invite a user as a collaborator
  4. Tap on that tab and enter the username that is co-author
  5. It is important that you know that only one co-author can be added. If you give it to edit with the intention of adding a third party, you have to know that it will not. The last addition will become co-author and the other will be a simple more tagged users as you did until now when publishing
  6. With the user tagged, they will receive a notification that will tell them that they have been tagged as a co-author and whether or not you want to accept
  7. If you accept it, the content will also be published in your feed or Reel section
  8. If you reject it, the content will only be published on the account of the person who has uploaded it. So calm down because if you do not accept it will not be deleted from your account
  9. From there, once the number of likes, views, comments, etc. has been published. will be identical data and shared by both

As you can see, this whole new process that allows you to take advantage of the Instagram Collabs tool is very easy to use. And it is quite likely that we will soon see this feature implemented in other services. Because since Facebook content can be displayed on Instagram and vice versa, why couldn’t a Facebook user be tagged as a couator?

So, as you will see, this is a very interesting new function, although it will be necessary to see the reception it has among the users of the social network.

Another important novelty of Instagram

Together with Instagram Collabs, they have also finally reached the possibility of publishing directly from the web. This was something that was asked of the platform for a long time, as much as the version for iPad that we fear will never arrive and now less. Or it seems that it moves away even more as a priority for the company.

The issue of power directly post photos and videos from the browser on Instagram it was something long awaited. Before there was the possibility of publishing from the web, but you could only upload photos, you had to perform some other trick (modify the user agent to make Instagram think that it is accessed from a mobile and not a desktop computer). Of course, the experience was not entirely good and the possibility of publishing videos was left out.

Now not anymore, from the web you can find an icon with the + symbol that after pressing it will allow you to publish both photos and videos, also apply editing, filters, etc. Everything you can do from the app, but from your computer.

This to advertising agencies, community managers and in general many other users will be something that gives them life. Because there are many contents that are not made directly from the mobile, but are edited in professional software such as Photoshop or other image editors and also video if it is audiovisual content.

Thus, instead of making and then transferring it to the mobile to upload it, it is shared directly from the same computer on the network.

Finally, although this is something that is really in testing yet, you should know that Instagram tests with stories up to 1 minute duration. The reason is to allow longer stories to be able to tell things better and because it does not make sense to continue limiting to 15 seconds when they have already seen that many users chain several stories when they want to share something specific.

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