Word makes it easy for you, it has a function so you don’t lose your DOCX

Surely many of you already know that this is part of the office suite of the Redmond giant. It is accompanied by other applications of the importance of Excel, Access or PowerPoint. However, it could be said that one of the best known and most used global applications in the world is precisely this text editor. In fact, we have found it installed in most computers for years, so it does not stop improving and updating.

The software giant uses these updates to improve the program both functionally and in appearance. But we cannot ignore everything related to security, something that we are increasingly looking at. In fact, the text editing program itself offers us a series of functions with which we can secure our documents created here. And is that nobody likes to lose jobs in DOCX form, more if they are important documents related to work.

As we told you, the text editor itself offers us some characteristics that we can configure and thus avoid this disaster to a great extent. In these same lines we will talk about an interesting function that will allow us to never lose a single document created in Word. To give you an idea, we will talk about back up these files automatically.

Create automatic backup copies of DOCX in Word

As you can imagine, this is a functionality that will allow us to have a backup copy of those documents that we are creating. All this will be done automatically once we start using the text editor. Of course, we must bear in mind that to benefit from this feature we will have to activate it previously. By default, Microsoft’s own text editor brings this backup function disabled.

Surely many of you already know that we can make backup copies of all our files in order to have a backup file for them. This is something that we normally do with specialized programs or with the Windows function itself in order to recover our information in the event of a disaster. Well, the function we are talking about in this case, but in Word it has a very similar objective. What it does is automatically create a copy of the file we are working on.

In the event that we have a problem with it, step on its content, lose it, be damaged, or simply do not know where it is, we will have another backup copy to recover the texts.

copy docx Word

We already told you before that, in order to benefit from this safety feature, we will have to activate it ourselves by hand. This is because by default the text editor brings it as deactivated. Therefore, we will only have to access its Options window, and in the Advanced section, mark the corresponding option in the Save section.

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