Starship Interstellar: Pendragon announces the next crowdfunding project

Pendragon Game Studio has announced the next Kickstarter project that will see the light on the crowdfunding platform in the coming months: it is about Starship Interstellar.

Let’s take a look at what we know for now about this title that will surely spark the interest of fans of space-themed and space-based board games.

Starship Interstellar, here is the next Pendragon crowdfunding project

We are in 2357: the very recent techniques of “solar extraction” have catastrophically accelerated the life cycle of our Sun. No longer in billions of years, but within a very short time the Sun will become a red giant, expanding its volume until it can swallow the Earth itself. In this apocalyptic (and imaginative, don’t worry) scenario, the nations of Earth have found themselves working together to build an interstellar ship, a lifeboat for the human race destined to leave our solar system forever.

In Starship Interstellar we will play just one of these nations, during the collection of raw materials and the construction of the gargantuan spaceship. Obviously, a planetary project like this cannot be completed with earth resources alone. For this the last act of humanity in this solar system is a real plunder of the necessary materials from all the planets. It is a game for 2 to 4 players, and, despite the obligation of collaboration between nations, of a competitive nature. Who, having contributed more than all others, will have the honor of leading the human species to salvation?

The authors are Davide Calza is Andrea Crespi; the latter is already known by the Italian and international public for famous titles such as 1969, Alone is Exhibition Potions.

The Starship Interstellar crowdfunding campaign will start by the end of the year on the Kickstarter platform; the pre-launch page is already active, and it is also possible to activate a notification so as not to miss the launch of the next Pendragon Game Studio project.

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