Xbox 2042, this is how Microsoft sees the future: 32K and holographic games

Many users are enjoying both the technical and performance benefits of the new Microsoft and SONY consoles. Microsoft is ahead in pure power on paper, undoubtedly the result of the best work with the new Xbox, where curiously there is not so much fuss with its hardware. But… what will the new Xbox be like in… 20 years?

If there is one thing that characterizes Microsoft, it is its drive to look forward, in all areas. As a good company that dominates certain markets, that of the consoles cannot be left behind and for this reason, in a fairly brief video it has looked to the future, which undoubtedly paints impressive. Will we really see something similar on the market?

The future of the Xbox 2042, a performance ExaFLOPS?

The power certainly has and will have a main profile within any console. More power does not mean more performance if there is no optimization involved, but Microsoft is not exactly a company that does not seek the best performance for its qualities in software, so they focus on a vision of hardware that is precisely what they cannot. control, at least for now.

Microsoft’s vision is precisely towards the year 2042, that is, to 20 years seen and where the company has named its future console with that year: Xbox 2042.

As we see, the main characteristics is a photorealism of such a degree that the Redmond company claims that a video game would be indistinguishable from the reality we perceive.

This requires a lot of graphic processing power, so they estimate that by that year their console would have quantum computing with an ExaFLOP performance, an outrage in these times and that would also allow an impressive resolution of 32K. Is not sufficient? Well wait, because according to the software giant the Xbox 2042 could render in such a way that it is possible to reach up to 480 FPS in certain scenarios, with a minimum of 240 FPS and also with zero latency.

No loading time, holograms and much more


Another key point is the fact that there are no load times on the console, or simply dead times, and even if they don’t say so, the future is to include NAND FLASH storage memory in the same interposer as the CPU, so that SSDs would be relegated to the role that HDDs have today and these in turn would be a storage method either extinct or massive in capacity with more performance, but far from the first.

When it comes to the gaming experience, Microsoft thinks about the AI as a method of producing holograms, at least as a graphical interface, which would represent an incredible change in how a user interacts with the console.


And it is that it would be a full-blown sensory experience that to know where it could end in a game. Can we feel the wind, enemy damage, or water? Or are they just simple images projected onto the water particles from the ambient humidity?

Without a doubt, the future looks impressive and it is gratifying to know that one of the great console hardware companies is thinking, designing and seeing what its product will be like for so many years to come. Too optimistic or realistic?

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