Do not let your children watch inappropriate videos on YouTube: this is how you hide them

It could be said that the video portal owned by Google, Youtube, is one of the main references in this sector. In addition, the content available to everyone does not stop growing minute by minute. Of course, not all the videos that are uploaded to the platform are suitable for users of all ages.

Surely most of you already know first-hand that the video content that we can find on Google’s streaming portal covers almost all topics. As long as you respect the web use policies, we can publish them. However, despite all this, there are certain contents that are not suitable for minors. Let us start from the basis that practically all regular users of Internetincluding children, view content here.

From then on, it is the parents themselves who must take the necessary precautions so that prevent your children from accessing certain videos initially not allowed. In this way, instead of giving our children total freedom to all YouTube content, we can limit access to certain videos that are not allowed or suitable for them. This is something that we can carry out in different ways, for example, through a parental control application that we install. In the event that we do not want to complicate ourselves too much, we must take into account that the google platform It offers us an interesting function in this sense.

Precisely below we are going to show you how to activate this feature of the platform in order to hide videos that are not allowed from minors in the house.

Turn on Restricted Mode on YouTube

With this, what we want to tell you is that, if we have children who access the video portal from our computer, for example, there is a very simple function to hide certain inappropriate content. In this way, when minors access YouTube from the corresponding web browser, they will only see videos suitable for them on the screen. It is the platform itself that is responsible for automatically hiding everything that is considered inappropriate for minors.

It is worth mentioning that all this is achieved through a function called restricted mode that the online service itself provides us. Of course, we must bear in mind that by default this is a function that we find disabled, as expected. Therefore, to put this feature that we are talking about into operation, once we have accessed YouTube, all we have to do is click on the our profile icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

At that moment, a good number of available options will appear to customize and configure our video portal account. Among these we find the commented Restricted mode that by default will appear as disabled. Therefore, we only have to click on it to start it up. From that moment on, the videos that are not allowed for minors will be hidden automatically. In the event that we want to see these again, we only have to carry out the same steps.

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