Xbox brings together all The Avengers on Xbox Game Pass

Marvel’s Avengers Comes to Xbox Game Pass

Crystal Dynamics has announced that its fantastic Marvel’s avengers It will arrive on September 30 completely free to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, thus offering the great Marvel experience on Xbox completely free for subscribers of the Game Pass service. In addition, the game will come including all the free expansions that have been released previously, including also the latest and most recent: Black Panther: War for Wakandto.

The game will allow you and three more friends to enjoy a multiplayer experience at the hands of any of the heroes that are available in the game, in order to complete the many missions that are presented to us, always related to the Marvel universe and very well oriented towards the gamer side. Of course, you can also play in individual mode, but you already know how these types of games are enjoyed when you do it in cooperative.

Whether you have one of the new Xbox Series X | S or the previous Xbox One, the game will offer Smart Delivery so you don’t have to worry about playing the right version for your console. In the case of Xbox Series, you will enjoy higher refresh rates and reduced loading times, so the experience will be smoother and faster than on Xbox One.

All free content, except add-ons

The game will arrive with all the free DLC that have been released in its first year of life, however, it will not include the cosmetic set that they released with 8 accessories within the Endgame edition of the game. To get them you must purchase the pack in the Microsoft store, whose price is 20 euros. This is just one of the many ways that the game has to generate microtransactions, since we can also buy credits and outfits of all kinds with which to dress our characters.

Free, but not forever

It is important to remember that the games included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog do not stay there forever. The catalog is constantly being recycled, so the day will come when Marvel’s Avengers disappears from the list and you have to buy it to continue playing. The good news is that the game also arrives in both the PC catalog and the cloud catalog, so you can continue the game no matter where you are.

But don’t worry for now, as of tomorrow you can download it immediately if you have an Xbox Game Pass account, so enjoy the trip and make the most of the game while it’s available.

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