Xbox Cloud Gaming will arrive on consoles later this year

The rumors of recent days were finally confirmed on the occasion of the Gamescom, where is it Microsoft revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming Sara Also available on consoles later this year.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon also be available on consoles

A potentially explosive news, considering that we are talking about the possibility of being able to play the titles present in the Game Pass without downloading them, which can be used completely in streaming, even for owners of an old Xbox One.

Exactly. Even those who are now in possession of only a console of the previous generation, thanks to a good internet connection and a subscription to the Game Pass, will in fact be able to play the exclusive titles of the Xbox Series X | Yes, albeit with some sacrifices.

Taking advantage of the Xbox Cloud Gaming we will not be able to exceed the resolution of 1080p or 60 frames per second (however guaranteed by the same developers even on older consoles).

Here is the announcement trailer, arrived while there are already rumors of the possibility of using the service in the near future directly from Smart TVs (and therefore without even a PC, a console or a mobile device).

Microsoft therefore seems to want to push more and more on the Game Pass, which could really become “the Netflix of the video game world” as prophesied in its debut.

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