Xbox: your virtual wallet can empty automatically, here’s how to avoid this

On Reddit, players have noticed that the balance stored on their Microsoft Wallet has an expiration date. After this date, they will no longer be able to pay for games or applications with this money. However, not all cases are affected and it is important to distinguish between each. We will explain everything to you.

Xbox Series X
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Definitely, Xbox players are chaining bad news right now. Between the postponement of the release of Starfield and Redfall, and a nasty bug that prevented several of them from launching games, life has not been easy these last few days. To make matters worse, a discovery by Reddit member Cg6554 drives the point home. In a post published on the platform, he is surprised to see an expiration date next to the balance stored on his Microsoft wallet.

Indeed, next to the 5 dollars he has, we can see that these are valid until July 9, 2022. After this date, we imagine that this money will evaporate from the wallet. Inevitably, the post generated a small wind of panic among the players, who hastened to consult their portfolio as well as the time they have left to spend the sum it contains before it disappears.

Why Your Money Might Disappear From Your Xbox Wallet

First of all, you are probably wondering how to check yourself how much money you have left and, in doing so, how much time you have left to use it. It could not be easier :

  • Meeting on this link
  • Login to your Microsoft account
  • Your account balance appears at the top right of the window. Click on Manage
  • On the page that appears, you can view your account balance and expiration date

We advise you to quickly look at your balance, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. That being said, it is important to clarify several things. Yes, so there is an expiration date on your digital wallet. On the other hand, this expiration date does not appear systematically and your stored money can remain so indefinitely. Explanations.

There are several ways to top up your Microsoft balance. The most effective method is probably to make a transfer directly from your bank account using your payment card. Good news: this solution also allows you to keep your money warm in your wallet until an indefinite date. In other words, there is no risk of it evaporating in nature without warning.

xbox series x
Credits: Microsoft

About the gift cards, it’s a bit more complicated. In reality, it all depends on the retailer from which it comes. Some impose no deadline to use the amount offered, while others apply an expiration date. That’s why your Microsoft account can tell you that you have until such and such a day to spend your money, otherwise it will disappear. It is therefore best to consult your gift card carefully before entering the code in your Xbox.

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The same goes with the Microsoft Rewards. As a reminder, this rewards system allows you to earn points by performing specific actions on your Xbox, for example using the Bing search engine or answering daily quizzes. After a certain number of points, your balance can be credited with the corresponding amount. But again, this sum is subject to an expiry date, generally equal to 90 days. So pay close attention to this when you join the program.

To sum up, all the sums added to your account via a system of promotions are worth checking with the method explained above. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself inadvertently penniless.

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