The 512 GB MacBook Air M1 already costs 400 euros less

The MacBook Air M1 is the ideal Mac for most users. Balanced in its value for money with a power of scandal that, despite not reaching the level of the ‘Pro’, is sufficient for many daily tasks and even demanding if they are sporadic. Its autonomy is another of the compelling reasons to find it as the best Apple laptop for that majority.

Its base price in the Apple Store is 1,129 euros in its 256 GB capacity. However, in some stores it is possible to find sales. It is the case of amazon, who sell the capacity of 512 GB for 130 euros less than that capacity of 256 GB in Apple. And all this with 3 years warranty with Apple itself during the first of them and with Amazon during the next two.

Offers for these versions of MacBook Air M1

Although it is true that Amazon usually keeps this computer on sale, they are not always the same sales. We now find ourselves in one of the best times to get them for their discounts, and this can change at any time.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of these sales you should hurry up. It should be noted that there is not a single price, but depending on the color or capacity it may vary. These are the discounts that we find at this time.

  • 256GB versions:
    • In gold color for 977.99 euros: 151.01 euros less than Apple
    • In space gray or silver for 979 euros: 150 euros less than Apple
  • 512GB versions:
    • In gold color for 999 euros: 400 euros less than Apple
    • In silver color for 1,059 euros: 340 euros less than Apple
    • In space gray color for 1,185 euros: 214 euros less than Apple

Seeing these discounts, we are struck by how between the 256 GB and 512 GB versions in gold there is only a difference of 20 euros. This clearly makes the balance opt for the version with a higher capacity. And although it is understandable that it is not the most popular color, the offers that exist in the colors silver and space gray are not negligible either.

We remind you that, even if they are sold on Amazon, they are completely new and original being marketed by Apple itself within this store. Therefore, considering the history of the company and seeing that its computers never drop in price in its stores, this becomes an excellent purchase option.

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