You can automate all of this near your TV and have greater control

Keep in mind that home automation does not necessarily mean buying the latest smart appliance or making a large investment. You can really have something as simple as a Wi-Fi plug and that alone will give you some control. You can always add smart lights and other sensors.

Make your TV smarter

When we talk about television, not only the Smart TV itself must be taken into account. You should also think about other devices that you may have next to it, such as speakers, video players or even lights that are in that room. You will be able to do all that environment domotize.


Something basic that you can automate at home are the lights. And yes, also the ones you have around the tv. You can do something basic, such as simply being able to turn light bulbs on or off from your mobile or through motion sensors, but also have more sophisticated lights that integrate with the television.

With the latter we refer to lights that can change color depending on the sound that the television emits or what you are watching. For example, watching a nature documentary is not the same as watching an action movie. You can automate the lights so that they adapt to what you are seeing.


Do you have any blinds near the tv? This is something you could also domotize. For example, you could take advantage of the fact that it is intelligent so that it closes when you sit down to watch TV. You can schedule certain times, link it to other devices or simply take control from your mobile.

Automating the blinds is an interesting option that home automation offers us. It is often used, especially, to save energy. You can lower it and raise it depending on the temperature outside, for example, to insulate the house even if you are not at home.

Players and other gadgets

Near the television you can have others gadgets. For example, maybe you have a game console or video player. Many of these devices are connected not only to the TV, but also to the mobile or the computer. You can take advantage of home automation to have greater control over them.

For example, you could have a domotized video player and be able to easily control it from your mobile, remotely. You can decide when it turns on or off, play content, etc.

smart speaker

Something similar you can achieve with the speakers. if you connect smart speakers to TV, you will have a range of interesting options. You can link them to systems like Alexa, manage what you listen to from your mobile and other home devices. It will be one more option to automate the entire television environment.

If you have a smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Google Home, or HomePod, you can link them to your TV. You will be able to take more advantage of home automation and use the Smart TV with more options thanks to this type of speaker.

Smart speaker to improve Wi-Fi

Put a smart power strip

On the other hand, a basic in home automation is to use a smart plug or power strip. You will be able connect other devices and control them remotely. We are not referring to directly connecting the TV to them, which you could also, but other devices such as a remote control, speaker, etc.

The goal is to be able to decide when to turn a device on or off, also to save energy. Maybe you don’t want a controller or speaker to always be connected, even if you’re not going to use it at the moment.

In short, as you can see domotize certain gadgets you have near the tv. You can take advantage of your smart home to have greater control and even save energy. You can also apply the same in many other places in the house that interest you, such as the kitchen.

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