You don’t like the Windows 11 background? See it in all the colors

Download Windows 11 background in all colors

A user of imgur, «TheAlienDrew«, has uploaded to the image platform a series of variations of the Windows 11 defect background of all colors. Starting from the original background, with its bluish tones (for both light and dark themes), this user has applied a series of color variations so that we can choose the one that best suits our tastes.

We can find this original background in various shades of red, orange, green, yellow, blue and purple. All backgrounds have been kept at a resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels, with a depth of 24 bits. And, thanks to the metadata, we have been able to know that the modifications have been made using the GIMP editor, specifically version 2.10.24 of the program.

We can download the wallpapers completely free of charge independently from the imgur website, or we can download them all at once, in a zip file, from a link to mediafire that we can find on that same website.

Personalization: one of the most important points of Windows

Although there are many users who demand more customization options in Windows, the truth is that over time these have increased quite a few. In Windows 10, in addition to being able to change the wallpaper (as is obvious), we can also change the color of the taskbar and the bars of the system windows to whatever we want. We can even take personalization to a new level thanks to the many themes we can download free from the Microsoft Store.

Although Microsoft hasn’t talked much about customization options that we will find in Windows 11Everything indicates that they will remain the same that we can find in Windows 10. Even the themes and fund packs will allow us to customize the OS to our liking.

Windows Themes

Unfortunately, despite the new funding, we continue to miss a feature in Windows 11 that has been waiting a long time. With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Spotlight, a function that allows us to download all kinds of wallpapers automatically from the Internet and use them on the PC’s lock screen. This function would be perfect if it could be used as a wallpaper, to have a new and different background every day. However, despite having seen her in an Insider build of Windows 10 a long time ago, nothing has been heard from her since.

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