You have little time to try Wo Long for free on PC

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is one of those games that are meant to go unnoticed but when we get our hands on it, it makes us wonder why. But it is his destiny, since his true value lies precisely at that point: to be able to convince, not so much by appearance or by holding on to a successful franchise, but by being a video game like those of before, of those that demand the player.

Hard to say little of Wo Long

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a KOEI Tecmo title that went on sale on March 3 on both consoles and PC, and that takes us to some dark times that occurred in China many centuries ago and in which a brutal dynastic battle broke out where several factions came to fight to gain control of the kingdom.

The game could be said to mix action with certain role-playing elements, but all seasoned with Very dynamic and, at times, complicated real-time combat. It is not a title in the style of god of war where we distribute left and right without measuring, but we must be very clear about the attack times of the enemies, temporize and hit at the right moment.

Not in vain, sign this wo long Team Ninja, that if it is known for something, it is for complicating things for us. And if not, remember the Niohwhich are somewhat in the same vein as this latest release from the company.

Play it for free right now

The fact is that if you want to try it before buying it, a new opportunity opens up because its developers have announced that the demo of wo long go back to steam for PC for a limited time, taking advantage of the celebration of the Eastern Game Fest that has been developed within the Valve store.

So on the one hand you can confirm how well a game like wo longwhich does not make fighting easy and requires extra attention from the player to measure his attacks very well and, above all, predict when the enemies will hit us and avoid dying with just two touches.

that demo of wo longas we tell you, it will not be ad eternum within Steam and it has an expiration date, so we invite you to download it right now since it will be next Tuesday April 18th when it disappears from the PC store… forever?

In any case, if after seeing that you are convinced by the demo of wo long for PC you want to buy it, here We leave you a couple of offers that will allow you to exchange it later in the Valve store and that are reduced by 15%. Instead of the 69.99 euros that the standard version costs, you can get it for 59.49. As well as the Deluxe edition, which instead of 99.99 euros will stay at only 80.74.

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