You have paid up to double for your AMD and NVIDIA graphics in 2022

What better model we have the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti, which is the one that offers us the best performance/price ratio. This would be the reason for the lack of stock of this graph, because it sells very easily because it is the most balanced. Come on, this graph offers a performance that is superior to its price.

What would be the fair price of NVIDIA RTX 30 graphics?

There are a couple of things to note from this report. has caught the 4K performance, since we say that it is the standardized one and that most graphics cards can reach. The only one that does not offer good performance in this resolution is the RTX 3050 8 GB. A fairly discreet graph.

The fair price of RTX 30 Series should be:

Recommended price 4K performance performance/price fair price
RTX 3090Ti 1999 dollars 408% 41% $814
RTX 3090 $1,499 376% fifty% $750
RTX 3080Ti $1,199 366% 61% $731
RTX 3080 12 GB (would be discontinued) ? -344% $687
RTX 3080 10GB $699 330% 94% $659
RTX 3070 Ti $599 271% 90% 541 dollars
RTX 3070 $499 250% 100% $499
RTX 3060Ti $399 217% 109% $433
RTX 3060 $329 165% 100% $329
RTX 3050 $249 -114% 91% $228

As we can see, all graphics cards that exceed 1000 dollars in price are extremely overrated. The RTX 3090 worth twice what it should and the RTX 3090Ti is worth as x2.5 what it should, while the RTX 3080Ti It’s overrated, but to a lesser extent. This should bother anyone who has purchased one of these charts.

On the other hand, RTX 3070 and the RTX 3060 are the ones with a fair price according to its performance. While, as we have mentioned, the RTX 3060 Ti is priced below its fair price due to its good performance.

Finally, the RTX 3050, RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 10 GB are slightly more expensive than they should. Even so, all three are below 10% extra cost, which is quite acceptable.

What would be the fair price of AMD RX 6000 graphics?

Within this comparison, we also analyze the AMD graphics, following the RTX 3070 as a reference. There are several curiosities here, such as the fact that the two lowest-end graphics cards and the two highest-end graphics are overvalued by the same percentages. It also highlights that all graphics cards are above the fair price, although some, touching the stick.

The fair price of RX 6000 Series should be:

Recommended price 4K performance performance/price fair price
RX6950XT $1,099 368% 67% $735
RX6900XT $999 348% 70% $695
RX6800XT $649 322% 99% $643
RX6800 $579 278% 96% $555
RX6750XT $549 2. 3. 4% 85% $467
RX6700XT $479 221% 92% $441
RX6650XT $399 167% 84% $333
RX6600XT $379 159% 84% $317
RX 6600 $329 -134% 81% $267
RX 6500 $199 -71% 71% $140
RX6400 $159 -54% 67% $107

It is very striking that the RX 6950 XT and the RX 6400 have the same relationship overprice. Same goes with the RX 6500 XT and the RX 600 XTwhich also have the same overrun. It is something quite curious, as if they were products that AMD has no interest in selling.

Then we have the RX6600, RX6600XT, RX6650XT, and RX6750XT that move in a 15-20% surcharge. We then have the RX6700XTwhich would be very close to its fair price, are below 10% markup.

Here the most interesting are RX6800 that is just a 4% more expensive than it should. Lto RX 6800 XT It is the perfect graphics card, since it only has one 1% deviation.

Conclusion we can draw

On the one hand, it is evident that NVIDIA has released three models of graphics cards with an absurd price. The company has never been interested in selling these graphics and has put them at ridiculous prices. If someone has bought it, they have the right to feel cheated.

AMD, for its part, has its two most powerful graphics cards and its two simplest graphics cards with a notable extra cost. In favor of AMD, to say that the data of the RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT are based on an extrapolation of the performance of these graphics cards in FullHD. Due to the little VRAM, they are not even remotely intended for 4K.

The best NVIDIA performance/price ratios are the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti in the entry-level range and the RTX 3070 that belongs to the mid-range. While in the case of AMD, the RX 6700 XT, RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT are the ones that offer the best relationship.

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