You will not find the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 cheaper than with this offer

Since the launch of the first Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet, this has become, over the years, the best bracelet to monitor our daily physical activity, a bracelet that takes up very little space and that, with It has evolved, it has received important improvements. Although it is true that in the market we can find a large number of options, some even cheaper, the model that Xiaomi currently makes available to us is one of the more complete.

If we have been thinking about buying a bracelet of this type for a while to confirm that we move very little, today is the best day to do so, since the latest model available on the market, the Mi Band 7, is available with a 35% discount above its usual price.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with 35% discount

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 bracelet is the seventh generation of the first quantifying bracelet that came to the market to stay a few years ago. As time has passed, Xiaomi has not been satisfied with its leadership position and has been adding new features. This model not only allows us to quantify our daily sports activity, but it is also responsible for analyzing the amount of oxygen in the blood, heart rate and sleep monitoring, among others.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

In addition, it also includes smartwatch functions by sending WhatsApp, email and other notifications to the bracelet, although it does not allow us to answer them, nor can we make or answer calls. This model has a regular price of 59.99 euros in PcComponentes, however, today, we can find it with a 35% discount for only 38.99 euros.

Other options

Another interesting option if the screen of the Mi Band 7 is too small for us, we find it in the Amazfit Band 7, a smart bracelet that is larger than the Mi Band that includes the same functions as it, including the oxygen sensor in blood, the automatic detection of sports that we are doing and with a battery life of up to 18 days. The usual price of this bracelet is 49.90 euros, but, after applying the 10% discount that it has, stays at only 44.90 euros.

Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer that sells activity monitoring bracelets on the market. Honor, in recent years, has also entered this lucrative sector and offers us the Honor Band 6, a bracelet with a slightly larger screen than the Amazfit Band 7, with blood oxygen and heart rate measurement. , 14 days of battery life and up to 10 professional training modes. This bracelet has a price of 51.90 euros in grey.

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