You’ll want an iPad mini 6 if this news turns out to be true

Aesthetically it will be a small iPad Air

It was not until 2018 that we saw a profound aesthetic renovation in the Apple tablets and it was in the iPad Pro. The Home button was eliminated allowing the front edges to be considerably thinned, completely flat frames with curved corners were added and the Apple Pencil 2 was given prominence. which was also released in that model. That ‘Pro’ range has followed that same aesthetic line since then until reaching the current iPad Pro with M1 chip.

6th generation iPad mini concept

Last year it was the turn of the iPad Air, which in its fourth generation brought an aesthetic very similar to that of the ‘Pro’, only with slightly thicker front bezels. It also released a daring range of colors that is already its hallmark. And now what we find is that it will be the sixth generation iPad mini that introduces similar changes, only with a screen of 8.4 inch.

Chip, ports and other notable changes

The aesthetic change of this new iPad mini has been known for months. However, it has been Mark Gurman, an analyst at Bloomberg, who in recent days has published new information regarding the rest of the news from this team. We remember that Gurman is one of the leakers They are more prolific and have a higher percentage of correctness in their predictions, so their reports are taken into account even though we cannot yet speak of official data.

According to this prolific analyst, the new iPad mini, which is known by the code name J310, will feature a A15 chip that would be the same as the new iPhone 13 would bring, so it is not ruled out that they are presented at the same time in September. He also commented that he would incorporate a USB-C port leaving the Lightning behind and would incorporate for the first time a Smart Connector. We recall that among the functions of the iPad magnetic connector is the possibility of connecting accessories such as Apple keyboards without using Bluetooth.

chip a15 apple

We understand that the arrival of the aforementioned Smart Connector could bring adapted versions of the Smart Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard with trackpad, but it is unknown at the moment what is related to Apple Pencil. Already the current model, launched in 2019, has compatibility with the first generation stylus and although in this it is foreseeable that it will be with the second, it is not so clear that Apple could not launch a ‘mini’ version of it. In fact, it has been a rumor that has spread, although analysts like Gurman do not mention it.

As we said before, these are not official data because Apple does not offer them until the moment of its presentation. However, we can give them high credibility both for the source that provides them and for how sensible it sounds if we take into account the movements of Apple in recent years. We can only wait for it to appear, and it may be September the chosen month, although without ruling out that it is later before the end of 2021, since there are several products that Apple would have pending to launch this year.

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