Your mouse doesn’t work in Windows, but you can still work

With the release of Windows 3.11, the graphical interface came to PCs, a graphical interface that, unlike the command line, allowed us to interact with the operating system via an arrow on the screen that we moved with a mouse. At present, very few people think of interacting with Windows in any other way than with the mouse, although it is perfectly possible to do so with the help of a keyboard.

If our mouse has stopped working and we cannot buy a new one at that time to continue using our computer, then we will show you how we can use Windows with a keyboard without the help of the mouse.

Open apps from the taskbar

All applications located on the taskbar are in order, a numerical order from 0 to 9. The first icon on the taskbar is associated with the number 1 while the tenth application in order is associated with the number 0. If we want to open the first application on the taskbar, we must press the Win + 1 key combination. we want to open the tenth, the shortcut to use is Win + 0. If we want to open the fifth, we use the shortcut Win + 5. Through the keyboard shortcuts, we can only open the first 10 applications located in order located in it. If we have more applications, we will not be able to access them using this keyboard shortcut, but using the start menu.

Access application menus

If we want to save the changes we’ve made to a document and our mouse has stopped working, we won’t have any problem doing so, as well as accessing the different menus that the application makes available to us. We just have to hold down the alt key until the keys associated with each menu are displayed on the screen. By pressing on each key, new keys will be displayed that give access to all the functions of the applications. In this way, we can continue using any application without the help of the mouse.

Open apps from the start menu

If the application that we want to open is not on the taskbar or is in a position that is not covered by the Win + number shortcut, we can open it using the start menu pressing the Win key and moving, using the keyboard arrows. When we find the application we are looking for, we press the Enter key to open it.

Open a document or desktop application

Opening a document that we have stored on the Windows desktop is also possible without using a keyboard and mouse. The first thing we must do is hide all the windows that are displayed on our computer using the shortcut Win + D. Next, we use the arrows on our keyboard to move to the document we want to open and press the Enter key.

Manage windows and applications without a mouse

Using the keyboard, we can also interact with the windows and applications that we have open on our computer. For close a program, we use the shortcut Alt + F4. For minimize an app, Win key + down arrow. If we want to maximize the application again, the key combination is Win + up arrow.

To change between the different applications that we have open, we will use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab. If we use different virtual desktopsto switch between each of them, we use the Win + Tab shortcut and we will use the arrow keys to move.

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