Youtube: hackers hijack two-factor authentication to take possession of your channel

Hackers regularly attack YouTube channels with a large audience to broadcast videos extolling the merits of cryptocurrencies. A situation that worries the platform, given that these malicious people have managed to pass the two-factor authentication, yet mandatory.

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Youtube has been hacked! Indeed, some creators have noticed with horror that their account with a large audience was broadcasting videos extolling the merits of cryptocurrencies. A situation that is all the more disturbing since these pirates have managed to bypass the mandatory double authentication on the site.

These pirates take possession of a channel to stream videos to sell cryptos, displaying a contact as well as the asking price. Important channels are concerned, and not only those on this theme. For example, a video of this type was posted on the account of boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Hackers hijack double authentication

These videos don’t stay online for long, since Youtube deactivates them very quickly. This therefore means that the platform is aware and we can salute its responsiveness. However, she can’t do much more at the moment. The modus operandi of (or of) the pirates is still very nebulous. We know that they take possession of a Youtube channel to publish a video there. So that means they outperform double authentication. To connect, you must indeed enter your identifiers then activate the notification on your smartphone (or enter the code received).

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According to Android Headlines, these hackers could use a technique called SIM Swapping. The goal is to make the operator believe that you have a new SIM card and thus transfer the number. The consequence is that the hacker receives the double authentication notifications and can therefore access all your data. A scary technique, but not yet confirmed.

It is therefore time for Google to act to avoid this kind of process. If it proves effective, it could indeed be emulated and cases of piracy could then multiply. This could lead to much more serious things than just crypto advertising. In any case, the number of hacked accounts is currently limited. Hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly.

Source: Android Headlines

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