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To find a Smart TV in the market in 2021 with good features do not have to spend a lot of money. There are models from large brands such as Samsung and LG that meet what is necessary. One of them is the LG 55UN7100, also known as LG 55UN71006, LG 55UN71006LB or LG55UN7100alexa for its compatibility with this Amazon voice assistant. But is it really worth buying this TV so sold in stores like Carrefour or MediaMarkt? To help you choose, we have compiled some of the most relevant opinions of the LG 55UN7100 Alexa .

The LG 55UN7100 has a diagonal of 55 inches and dimensions of 124.7 x 23.1 x 78.7 centimeters. Its resolution is 4K HDR and it is compatible with advanced image treatments such as HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro. In addition, it integrates with voice assistants such as Alexa, but to enjoy it you have to buy the Magic Control remote. You can buy it in stores like Amazon for less than 500 euros. To help you know if it is worth it we have gathered reviews of the LG 55UN71000 in stores like Amazon or PcComponentes .

The character of this article is merely informative. tuexperto.com is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands out from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its services and / or after-sales service.

Opinions of the LG 43UN7100 TV

Opinions of the LG 55UN7100 : advantages, disadvantages and problems

In the absence of a review with analysis of characteristics, a simple search on the Internet serves to make you a opinion of the LG 55UN7100 , LG55UN71006, LG55UN71006LB or LG 55UN7100alexa as this TV is also known. Although the general assessment is positive, as usual there are opinions and experiences of all kinds. We have wanted to gather some of the most relevant so that you can get a more concrete idea of ​​their strengths and their possible problems and disadvantages.

Positive reviews of the LG 55UN71006

We read on Amazon:

«I had my fears with this TV … quite cheap for the features they advertised … and still, the I bought.

I have no regrets about said purchase. the image quality is impressive… with a highly configurable hdr in each of the profiles it has. the great sound … loud, clear and powerful (I have not raised more than 16 … and it already seemed too loud …) a smart tv something could be improved, but with most of the important apps included (to see how long it takes to put PLUTO TV). connectivity is very good, both by cable or wifi. I can send the signal from my ipad to the tv without problems… »

«A good purchase as we had not done in a long time !!!!! We took advantage of the fact that it was on sale. The unbeatable value for money, for us, one of the best TV brands. The image quality is uhd, when you put a video or movie in 4k, you are freaking out. Highly recommended, it is really worth buying. »

« A television with a very good quality, at least for those of us who are not knowledgeable in the matter, compatible with assistants such as Amazon ONLY if you buy the remote control intended for it, that is, spend at least 34 euros more, in addition to the fact that said control complies with the same functions, but being these much more comfortable for the user, the quality of the television has pleasantly surprised me, I come from a previous one from 2018 and say that it has improved pleasantly, a brand in which I at least can trust and trust. “

We read in LG:

«Since I turned it on, you can see the quality of the image and sound.- the best I have bought so far, the people who They visit me and ask me about the TV model since its image is very defined and clear .- «

We read in PcComponentes:

«For the price of a very good television, my mother is delighted, the operating system is very easy to use»

«It is very good quality-price TV. Vibrant picture sound pretty decent. Big and very pretty. Very intuitive webOS system »

« Very good television looks very good no It comes with the Magic control, otherwise a very good purchase I recommend it »

Opinions of the LG 55UN71006 Alexa with problems and disadvantages

We read on Amazon:

« It is sold as a TV with built-in Alexa, and it is a lie. To be able to use Alexa, you have to buy a LG remote that costs € 28, which does not come with the TV, and also, if you buy it, you have to press a button on the remote to be able to talk to the TV. Total, that the Alexa thing is totally uncertain. Let them say that you can talk to the TV through a remote that is not sold with it, and that you also have to press a button to talk to the TV (not using a keyword but by pressing a button, for which there is to find the remote). »

« A television with a quality of correct image (in 2020), adequate price and easy installation. Regarding software, sometimes he wants to be very intelligent and you are on an HDMI and he begins to ask you insistently if that connection is an Apple or not (the third time you tell him that you do not start to think that he is not very intelligent). For those of us who want to watch television and not have to always answer things, it is a bit heavy. It would be nice to have a button to disable such intelligence. The controller is a bit of a toy, before LG towards more robust controls. »

«The image is incredible and the sound is brutal but we have many problems with alexa echo dot, it disconnects and says that the TV does not respond every 2 × 3 … I’m tired of restarting things so it stays that way and when it goes , let him go and when he does not go, let him not go »

« No I understand that in the characteristics it says that it has a version of webos 5.0 «you will have access to all the contents thanks to your Smart TV with the operating system webOS 5. 0.» And on the TV there is a 3.5. in the 2020 model ″

We read in LG:

«I bought this product recently, I am very happy with everything, I connected it to a sound bar and well . The only bad thing is that this TV model does not include the magic remote control, I don’t know why they don’t include it, since other models almost from the same year (or not) have it, that is, even those from years prior to this model. That is the big mistake, now if I want one, I have to buy, between 30 to 50e depending on where. »

We read in PcComponentes:

«It’s a TV highly recommended quality-price although in dark scenes like scary movies they can be improved but for the price I’m very happy with the purchase »

Negative Opinions of the LG UN7100alexa

We read on Amazon:

«Television has lasted two weeks, TV supposedly arrived with the upper frame dislodged, something that if they do not explain it to you you cannot perceive it, so we assumed that it was part of the design of the TV, a few days later a line appeared from top to bottom in the middle of the screen that did not allows you to see the TV well and the saddest thing is that the LG technical service has told us that it is our fault and they are not going to repair it. We have literally thrown € 500 in the trash. We are going to file a lawsuit and of course we are never going to buy a product from this brand again. We feel ripped off. Two weeks have passed since I wrote this review and I have to say that Fortunately Amazon has taken care of the replacement at no additional cost, they have taken the damaged TV for free and brought us a new one. This is nice. Better that Amazon has solved this problem, which LG has been unable. I thank Amazon for the understanding, kindness, and quality of the customer service people who served me. Everything was facilities. A 10. “

” I bought the television for my in-laws and it arrived quickly and very well, but it is quite NORMAL, but of course for the price it has, it is what it is. I watch it for a secondary television, for the bedroom or something like that. It does not have enough quality to be the main television in the house. »

We read in PcComponentes:

«The picture quality is not very good on non-HD channels. I would not buy it again. My old TV looks much better »

Data sheet

Panel Type

LG 55UN7100
Diagonal 55 inch

Resolution and technology 4K UHD, Active HDR, HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro
Processor 4K Quad Core Processor
webOS 5.0
Control Magic Control not included (has traditional control)
Sound 2 speakers with total power of 20W
Connections 3 x HDM I, 2 x USB (not recorder), Ethernet
Wireless connectivity WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5
Support Two metal bases on the sides
Others Compatible with ThinQ AI platform

Filmmaker Mode

Game mode
Dimensions (with base) 124.7 x 23.1 x 78.7 centimeters
Weight (with base) 17.4 kilos
Release date Available
Price 500 euros

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