12-inch MacBook users are surveyed by Apple

Apple may be thinking about relaunch a 12-inch MacBook. He released it in 2015 and retired it in 2019. I suppose you thought that with iPads Pro a laptop of that size no longer made much sense. That would be two almost the same devices.

But they will never be the same as long as some work with iPadOS, and the others with macOSAlthough, as with the new iPad Pro, they share the same M1 processor. So maybe Apple is considering it. At the moment, it has launched a survey of 12-inch macBook users to “capture” their feelingsā€¦.

Apple is shipping a satisfaction survey to owners of the now-discontinued 12-inch MacBook from 2015, asking about their feelings about device size, portability, features, etc.

Apple released on 12-inch MacBook in 2015 as a super light and thin notebook aimed at customers who need an ultraportable. The 12-inch MacBook had a fanless design, and super slim, thanks to its butterfly keyboard.

It was a great commercial success, having a very light and thin design. It was manufactured until 2019, when Apple decided to discontinue it, by launching the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The company also thought that that 12-inch niche that was left empty would be filled by the iPad Pro, 11 and 12.9 inches. Such iPads with a Magic Keyboard could fill that gap for small “notebooks”.

But there is a small problem: the iPads Pro, even the new one with the M1 processor, still carry iPadOS, instead of macOS. It is not very well understood why an iPad Pro already compatible with a mouse, and with the same M1 processor that the new Apple Silicon mounts, still has a version of iOS installed for the big screen.

If Apple is really considering remarketing a 12-inch ultralight MacBook, it has no intention of adapting macOS Monterey to the iPad Pro M1, that’s clear. We would like to know the reasons.

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