3 alternatives to PayPal to buy online safely

In fact, most stores that operate this way now allow us to make these payments in different ways. With all this they try to adapt to the needs and requirements of their potential customers to offer what they need in terms of comfort and safety. Many do it by entering their bank cards directly on the platform, which of course offers us a minimum of protection.

There are also stores that allow us to pay in cash when we receive the package, or present us with an intermediate secure payment platform such as PayPal. This is a payment system in which we open a free account, introduce our bank card and we will not have to use it in different electronic stores. It is enough that we use our username and password PayPal which also offers us some extra functions to protect us.

However, we must bear in mind that this is not the only proposal of these characteristics that we can use at this time. There are other very interesting alternatives that also protect us when it comes to to buy online And that we can try if the aforementioned PayPal does not convince us.

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Here we find an excellent payment solution for electronic commerce that currently accepts more than 20 currencies and we can use it in 15 languages. This is something that is defined depending on the physical location in which we are. How could it be otherwise, it offers us a multitude of integrated security functions and FastSpring automatically redirects transactions to participating banks. The platform offers us a fixed or variable pricing model for each transaction.


This is the own platform offered by the electronic commerce giant for which we are going to need to previously have a personal account on amazon. From there we will be able to make use of this secure payment system on all the buying and selling websites that support it. It is mandatory to have an account in the online store so that buyers can check before making the transaction as such.

In addition, this is a secure shopping platform that provides us with fraud detection features and helps reduce the number of problems related to the privacy and security when shopping.


This is a payment service that offers a real exchange rate between currencies for all countries. Thanks to TransferWise we will have a good number of functions and features that allow us to make and receive payments safely. In addition, we can generate the corresponding invoices automatically without any charge. In turn, the platform charges a Commission for opening and then for each of the transactions. Obviously, all this with the security that this type of service offers us to make purchases over the Internet.

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