3 cheap MP3 players you can buy now that the iPod is dead

There was a time when having a 256 megabyte MP3 player full of songs downloaded from eMule was cool, but it was even better to have an iPod. The iPod turned 21 this 2022, and Apple has decided to put an end to it by withdrawing the last one left: the iPod Touch. The MP3 players They barely made sense with the advent of smartphones, but if you still want to get one, you should know that there are quite a few affordable alternatives you can buy today.

The iPod retires us after 21 years

The iPod was a success, and Apple is where it is right now thanks to it. It was one of the most successful products of the Cupertino company, and had several generations, formats and colors. iPods came to contribute 40% of the company’s income, and it is estimated that about 500 million were sold in total. In our hearts there will always be a great memory of these devices. Someday, we’ll even forget that to get the songs you had to sync with iTunes, and that the process was a real pain.

The only iPod left for sale until now was the iPod Touch, which was something of an ‘iPhone without a phone’. However, the classic mp3 players that once competed with the basic iPods have continued to sell. If you are still interested in getting one, here you go some of the best you can buy.

The best MP3 players you can buy



worth a few 30 euroshas a memory of 16 GB and has a 1.5-inch color screen. It has FM Radio, you can read ebooks and also record voice notes. If I know that space is short, you should know that you can expand your storage using cards microSD up to 128GB. In addition, it has a pedometer, so you will be able to count the steps if you use it to walk.


apgtek clip

Of the same style is this alternative of the AGPTEK brand. It also has a one and a half inch screen. supports Bluetooth 5.0 and it also has step counting, audio recording and radio functions. It is available in several colors and is a little less economical due to its capacity is 32GB. It can also be expanded with a microSD card up to 128GB.

AGPtek G02 Mini-clip

AGPtek G02 Mini-clip

Do you remember the ipod shuffle? Well, this AGPTEK alternative is very similar to that Apple product. It has no screen and is controlled with its buttons. It has a capacity of 8GB and an autonomy of 10 hours of reproduction. It weighs only 82 grams and you can use its clip to hang it on any item of clothing. It is a good product to go running and has a silicone protection so that it will not be damaged if it falls to the ground. It also has a radio and comes with its own headphones.

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