3 discounts that you can get right now on Amazon: up to 30 euros

More and more users are choosing to make their purchases of all kinds of products through Internet. We have at our fingertips a huge number of stores and platforms, as is the case with Amazon. In turn, this giant of commerce also offers us some advantages in the form of discounts, as we will see now.

We are talking about a store that initially began as a online bookstore but little by little it has grown to become the main global benchmark for electronic commerce. There are many advantages that this proposal offers us, which has been growing both in services, as well as in product availability and logistics. At this time we have the opportunity to subscribe to its Amazon Prime modality and thus take advantage of all its advantages.

In addition to free shipping, we can take advantage of a video-on-demand service, digital books, cloud storage, and much more. Of course, with the passage of time this subscription has become more expensive and for many today it is no longer profitable. But not only that, but among other advantages that Amazon offers us, we find its adjusted prices and specific offers that it launches constantly.

Likewise, we have a series of discounts that the online store launches from time to time to benefit its regular customers. In fact, below, we are going to talk about 3 interesting discounts that you can take advantage of right now at Amazon. To begin with, we will tell you that you have the possibility of save 7 euro on your next purchase in the online store if you meet a series of requirements. The first thing we should know is that here we do not need an Amazon Prime subscription to benefit from this coupon.

Take advantage of these discounts on Amazon

However, it is essential that, in order to take advantage of those 7 euros, we choose a collection point instead of receiving the package at home. To all this, we must add that the minimum cost of the product must be 20 euros so that the discount coupon is applied at the end of the purchase. It is also important to know that it must be a product sold and managed by Amazon itself. To find out if we are eligible to take advantage of this discount, all we have to do is access this website and enter our credentials.

On the other hand, if you are book lovers you are in luck And it is that at this moment the electronic commerce giant gives us the possibility of subscribing to its modality Amazon Kindle Unlimited free of charge for the next two months. This will give us access to millions of electronic books without spending a single euro during this period of time, something that we can cancel at any time. For this we only have to access this website of the store itself.

But that’s not all, because if we don’t have time to read, we can also take advantage of 3 months free of Amazon’s Audible service. So we can access, at no cost and for 90 days, to tens of thousands of contents to listen to from our devices. We can also cancel the subscription whenever we want, even before the end of this trial period so as not to pay later.

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