3 Free Steam Games That Aren’t Your “Typical” Ones

You already know that playing for free has become a little easier in recent times thanks to the offers they launch every month both on the Epic Games Store and with Prime Gaming (or Sony and Microsoft on PlayStation and Xbox console), that at least as far as the PC is concerned, they usually give us joy every so often. But in the case of Steam, it is the only one that currently resists doing something like this, beyond weekends in which it opens the doors to testing processes on AAA titles.

Free to play whenever you want

Now, if what you want is to find something similar to a free AAA game on Steam, we are already telling you that no, that you will not find it because those of Gabe Newell are still focused on the strategy of charging us as long as that is what the developer wants. That there are always cases in which the download of the game is completely free and then it depends on what we like that we make the decision to invest some money in purchases in game or not.

Of those free games, which Steam itself catalogs in this way, we have selected a bunch of them that, to put it quickly, They are a little out of the normal norm. It is not that they are crazy about originality, but they are out of the limelight that always have the same franchises that have always arrived in recent years. And the same also works for your brand new Steam Deck.

Phantasy Star Online New Genesis

The legendary SEGA franchise, which has games on the old 8 and 16-bit consoles, made the leap in quality on the Dreamcast thanks to a Phantasy StarOnline which is still remembered and continued later on Gamecube. This release is a direct heir to that wonder and invites us to complete small missions on different planets and systems, together with friends, or have a great time in the lobby where all the adventurers meet. A game that you should try and that you have completely free on Steam in the purest MMO style… but with a slight Japanese and space twist.

shop titans

If you prefer something more mundane, here you go a role-playing game in which you get into the skin of a merchant that he has to invest resources in acquiring pieces of equipment, components and filling the windows of his store with products to sell what he does (and here comes the fun twist) to a kind of superheroes who make their way in the city. Indeed, in this game we will be the ones who make gold thanks to the fame and popularity of some characters who could very well star in Marvel-style movies and save humanity from terrible dangers.


This game, when you hit the play of the video you will think: «Well, what an originality to name a shooter«. Well, everything has an explanation. That way we don’t put this guy here shadowline but rather for the cooperative leg that does have a very interesting twist for a title that we can consider as an FPS. And it is that when we play it in the company of a colleague, this title becomes a roguelike so it adds a more interesting point to its development. Of course, you have it right now in early access and it will be like that, free, until February 2023 when the final version arrives. So take advantage.

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