3 important differences between PLCs and a WiFi repeater

In order to improve the Internet connection at home, you will be able to use different devices. Two widely used options are PLC devices and Wi-Fi repeaters. But what differences are there? We are going to tell you which are the most notable points and what you should take into account. You will see that improving the wireless network in your home is simple, but it is important that you choose carefully which device you are going to use to achieve it.

Are different devices, although they have the same objective: to improve Internet coverage at home. The way they work is also different, as well as the problems that can arise if you do not use them properly. You will see that there are some differentiating points that are important.

Differences between PLC and repeater

A repeater is a device that connects to the router and distributes the signal it receives. You can place it in areas where you need to have greater coverage to connect other devices. A PLC device, on the other hand, is a kit of two: one connects to the router and the other is placed elsewhere in the home.

Means to connect

The main difference is the way they connect. A repeater will connect wirelessly to the router. It will receive a Wi-Fi signal that will subsequently be repeated to other devices that you can connect, such as a cell phone, computer, television or anything you have at home.

PLC devices do not connect wirelessly to the router, but rather operate through electrical wiring. You connect one of them to the router and a plug, while the other you are going to put in another plug, in another area of ​​the house where you want the Wi-Fi signal to reach as best as possible.


Precisely, the way in which each device works will make the distance another difference. A WIFI repeater You will be more limited, since you need to receive the signal from the router and then send it to other devices. If the distance is too far, there may be problems connecting devices.

For their part, the PLC devices They will be less sensitive to distance. You will be able to connect them in more distant rooms, since they work through electrical wiring. Of course, it is important that the cables are in good condition so that there are no problems and you can really take advantage of this technology.


Both can have interference, but where you can notice it most is in the Wi-Fi repeater. If you place it near devices that work via Bluetooth, for example, you could have problems. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency, this will cause the signal to weaken and begin to work worse.

Regarding PLCs, although they can also have interference problems, what will really affect the most is what can happen to the electrical cable. If you have other things connected near that socket, there could be too much noise and that will cause the signal to start to work worse.

As you can see, there are differences between a Wi-Fi repeater and PLC devices. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should think about what is best for you to improve the Wi-Fi connection at home. The goal is for the signal to reach everywhere and be able to connect without problems.

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