3 uses you can give to the new Amazon Kindle Scribe

If Steve Jobs raised his head and saw the current landscape of mobile devices, he would surely run back scared and horrified to where he came from. He, who proclaimed to the four winds during the presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 that human beings are born with five pen In each hand, I would not understand the love of companies like Apple and Samsung for those digital pencils. And the last to jump on the bandwagon was Amazon… with her Kindle!

What uses can you give it?

Kindle Scribe is the latest product designed by Jeff Bezos to cover a market that is clearly growing and that represents an evolution with respect to simple readers of electronic books or comics. These are handwritten annotation digital agendas. Removing the on-screen keyboard from an iPad is all very well, but there are users who want to feel the presence of a pencil in their hands or pen with which to doodle, jot, sketch or simply turn the pages. It is, in a way, a kind of ancestral connection that we want to cling to as a way to reproduce those moments alone in which we clarify ideas or fix them black on white.

The fact is that with this Amazon Kindle Scribe between us, we have thought to tell you what three uses can you give it in your day to day, so that you find the sense to buy it and spend the almost 370 euros of its price that, by the way, you will have available at the beginning of december.


It is the first use that comes to mind for all of us, always carry this Kindle Scribe with us to keep the shopping list, take notes in class or in a work meeting to clarify the concepts of something that we want to explain later through a speech or a report. Many people fail to connect with the coldness of a apps of notes on the mobile phone and continue to prefer their own handwriting and fix their ideas contemplating, pen in hand, a blank page, in this case, electronic ink.

Kindle Write.

Review reports and documents

Another advantage of this Kindle Scribe is that it is very easy to correct documents that send us work or from school: scoring exercises, or writing down details to change in a report is easier if you do the whole process digitally, in the same way that signing PDFs to print them becomes a quick and easy task.

Kindle Write.

Write down what you feel when reading

This Kindle Scribe, by mixing the best of a book reader with the facet of a notebook, allows us to launch at any time a window on the screen where we can point What do we think of what we are reading? In this way, any appreciation or feeling that has assaulted us when reading this or that passage is saved for the future. It is a nice way to keep a kind of personal literary diary where we record the things we feel. Although if you prefer to make a drawing… not so bad.

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