360 Total Security not only protects your PC, but also your Bitcoins

We must take care of everything that we have stored on the computer, something especially important if we share it or use it through the internet. There are plenty of online attackers on the prowl to get hold of all this proprietary information. But at the same time we can also use security solutions like those presented by 360 Total Security and which we will talk about next.

While the number of hazards and types of online attacks increases, there are a good number of security companies that are responsible for protecting us. One of them is the aforementioned 360 Total Security, which offers us some interesting titles, all of them related to privacy and security. We find both free and paid software solutions that present us with a series of functions to safeguard our information.

Perhaps the most important product that this firm presents to us is its security suite in the form of a multipurpose antivirus. Here we find a software that is responsible for detecting and eliminating the latest definitions of viruses and all types of malware of our team. In parallel, it presents us with some interesting functions for optimizing the operating system. However, this is not the only program that we can get from this company. security.

And it is that it is necessary to take into account that this type of firms must adapt their projects to the current times, and here everything related to the cryptocurrencies. In fact, below, we are going to show you a program specially designed for this type of task. We are referring to 360 Virtual Vault, a title that will surely be very interesting for many of you, and also totally free.

360 Total Security helps me protect my Bitcoins

The first thing we should know is that a growing number of users make use of virtual wallets to exchange all kinds of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins or NFTs, among other. But as it happens with all the contents that we handle through the internet, we should use some protection method to safeguard them. Surely most of you have some kind of antivirus installed on your PC. But not all of these have an integrated function for the protection of this type of digital property.

Of course, in certain regions it will be necessary to use of a VPN in order to benefit from this application due to certain geolocation restrictions. Once we know this, after installing the program free of charge, we will have to create our own user to start working with it. This is something we achieve through a mail account and a code provided to us by its developer.

From here, once we have the application up and running, we can load our virtual cryptocurrency wallets. Keep in mind that this is a title that by default implements encryption algorithms AES-256 Y RSA-4096 to ensure the security of our private keys.

At the same time, it adds an additional security method by requesting a verification step before authorizing access to our portfolio. In fact, in the interface itself 360 Virtual Vault We will be able to clearly see those loaded contents that are protected by encryption, and those that are not.

360 Virtual Vault interface

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