3CO Logistic Solutions foresees growth of more than 42% by 2024

3CO Logistics Solutions has released its balance of economic forecasts for next year, estimating a growth of 42% which translates into income of more than 5.8 million euros. In this way, it would significantly exceed the figures with which it hopes to close the year 2023, which range from 4.08 million euros.

3CO Logistic Solutions has managed to gain a foothold in the Spanish logistics sector due to its commitment to an efficient portfolio of specialized technological and robotic solutions. This positioning at the forefront of the logistics sector means that the productive results of companies (in a range that goes from 50% to 300%), but also the employee well-being.

The reason for the success of 3CO Logistic Solutions lies in a comprehensive approach which ranges from the diagnosis of client operations to the creation of innovative solutions with robotics as the main protagonist. In this sense, autonomous mobile robots, intelligent automatic warehouses and artificial vision systems are included. Furthermore, it advocates development of revolutionary software and algorithms in the sector.

Jose Manuel Tejera, founding partner and CEO of 3CO Logistic Solutions, ensures that the commitment to the degree of satisfaction of its clients is quite high, ensuring that its services adapt to their needs and obtain efficient and unprecedented results. The commitment to efficiency, innovation and the best technology allows them to achieve excellence, anticipating the transformations of the supply chain industry with a personalized diagnosis of each case.

Its work methodology is the so-called Breakthrough Method, which goes beyond innovation and defines the differential factor of the entity and its brand image. In this way, you can visualize, anticipate and turn the future into a reality, creating a comprehensive plan and materializing the ‘what if’ factor in technical solutions and highly efficient operational processes.

Its economic evolution

Since its birth in 2005, they have worked to improve the workflows of logistics companies, as well as their results and business volumes. His experience in the design and implementation of innovative robotic solutions has led him to reap sustained financial growth of 109% in revenue in 2022compared to the previous year, where 2.8 million euros were recorded.

The ascending line that 3CO Logistic Solutions has been registering shows that growth will continue until 2025consolidating its client portfolio, among which are the main groups of retailers, manufacturers and logistics operators.

José Manuel Tejera assures that the solid financial results are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of his team, betting on technological innovation and for the adaptation to the transformations of the sector in the short-medium term.

The success of 3CO Logistic Solutions in the market is due to the innovative and highly efficient nature of its products developed on different plots.

Visual Bots

Machine vision systems analyze and measure performance, automating operations and quality controls. Notably reduce quality errors by 40% and include several systems: Visual Check (oriented towards quality control), Visual Counter (oriented to control productivity), Visual Trace (oriented towards process traceability) and Visual Mechanics (oriented to control the operation of facilities).


Machines are incorporated into processes that reduce human dependence and considerably increase production capacity. In addition, the space required is reduced and delivery processes are streamlined.

Included here are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and FMRs-RTPas well as Robot Sorting Systems (RTS), HIPICK (intelligent automatic warehouses with low cost and rapid implementation), TSORTERs and VSORTERs (to easily classify and sequence deliveries) and PTL (for unitary picking processes). This achieves an increase in productivity of between 50% and 300%.


As support to the rest of the products in a qualified manner. The development and integration of Ad hoc software It allows enable intelligent software for automated warehouses, supporting any solution and managing operations through AMR. It also includes gamification functions, simulation of complex systems and visual interfaces

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