Ómicron: The third case of the Covid-19 variant in the US is detected in Colorado

Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado, reported this Thursday, December 2, that a case of Covid-19 of the omicron variant was detected in the state. Which means the third case of this variant in the United States.

The Department of Public Health (CDPHE) reported that this is an adult female resident of Arapahoe County, who recently traveled to southern Africa for tourism purposes.

She is experiencing minor symptoms, she is isolated and recovering at home. She was fully vaccinated and eligible for the booster shot, but had not yet received it (…) Colorado became the third state to detect the omicron variant, ”a news release stated.

The first case of this variant was detected in the December 1 in California, Meanwhile he second case was detected this Thursday first in Minnesota (a person who traveled to New York City for the Anime NYC 2021 convention, which was attended by 53,000 people between November 19-21) and the third case was reported in Colorado.

In social networks, Jared Polis asked the population to remain calm, but he also called them to be vaccinated and in the cases in which they have a complete vaccination scheme, he recommended that they receive the booster dose, use face masks, limit meetings, wash their hands frequently and be tested for Covid-19 in case of presenting symptoms.

He added that when the pandemic began, it was unknown what the virus would bring. “But now that we announce this new variant, we are not starting from scratch. We must redouble the tried and true tools that can keep us safe. ” Eight out of 10 people in Colorado over the age of 12 have received a dose of the coronavirus vaccine.


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