4 Incredible DC Figures Every Collector Must Have

And as usual, in this kind of list there is a lot of personal preference, so I put my own. For this reason, I am opening it with a figure that, perhaps, if you are only a fan of Batman and Superman, you do not know that it is also part of the DC Universe.

Sandman, Overture Statue version

Sandman and DC’s Vertigo line shaped my comics hobby and influenced it forever. So that’s why I start with a dream figurehow not

In this case, it is the version Overture Statue of the legendary character. That it is true that it is not an action figure, but it is a work of art. With the dream stone around your neck and descending some stairs, with it you show that you have taste.

sculpted by Dave CortesIt’s just flawless.

Thomas Wayne’s Batman

Thomas Wayne Batman Figure

Yes, the name is spelled correctly.

If we talk about DC, we have to talk about Batman. There are countless figures of the different incarnations of the Dark Knight in movies and comics. With almost any Hot Toys figure will hit (I like his figure of the Batman from Tim Burton’s movies, although for tastes, colors).

However, if you want to show that you are a true collector, take a look at thomas wayne batman figure.

Yes, the father of the Dark Knight of all time. In almost the only multiverse where Batman’s parents don’t die, it’s little Bruce who dies. That leads to his father, Thomas Wayne, becoming Batman.…and his mother, Martha, in the jokerbut that’s another topic.

and this Kotobukiya’s splendid figure picks up the character like no one else. It is Batman, but it is not Batman, although it is a true collector’s item.

Christopher Reeve’s Superman 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Superman Christopher Reeve

Yes, I know, Henry Cavill is Superman and, besides, it is impossible for that man to do anything wrong. But he looks well at the figure and tell me if Hot Toys has not trapped the spirit of the late Christopher Reeve in the eyes of this thumbnail.

Unlike other spectacular DC figures, this It is an action figure that you can articulate and place in various posesand even play with her if you are one of those who likes to have very expensive toys.

That makes the merit even greater and one of the best DC collectible figures I have seen in a long time.

That Hot Toys, again, has amazing DC figures, including Henry Cavill, but what can I say? This was the first Superman that made me imagine him flying and quite a collector’s item that you will have to look for second hand.

Prepare several hundred euros, by the way.

The Joker figure by Heath Ledger, Artist Edition of 52 cm

Figure of Heath Ledger as Joker

Take a good look at the image. It’s not a picture of Heath Ledger. Seriously, it’s not. it’s a picture of her figure in the movie The dark knightmodel Artist Edition 52 centimeters Tall.

That if the one by Christopher Reeves was spectacular, this one is simply incredible and a perfect recreation of the actor and the character of the jokerin the scene where he threatens with a grenade to get out alive.

Realized by Queen Studios in a limited version of only 300 unitsis highly valued, easily asking for more than 1,700 euros for one of them.

However, there is no doubt that it is simply perfect.

You see, being a true DC fan requires becoming Bruce Wayne. Not in Batman, in Bruce Wayne, because he is too expensive…

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