4 reasons not to use PowerPoint templates

The predefined PowerPoint templates are useful for the most inexperienced users, because with them we make sure to advance one of the most complicated parts of creation, such as editing. However, within the professional sphere this practice can be highly inappropriate. Therefore, we tell you the reasons why we should not use the predefined PowerPoint templates.

Templates are easily recognizable

PowerPoint is a very popular application that has been around for a great number of years so it is easily recognizable. When carrying out our work in PowerPoint, not only must we have content according to what is required, but we must also take care of many other details to cause an impact on the people who are going to see it. That is why the presentation can be almost as important as the content of it. If you use PowerPoint templates, these They are quite recognizable and thus achieve the opposite effect to the one intended.

The predefined templates that are highly recognizable give a feeling of little originality and of being a bit vague as it is possible that they can be found very often. The content of the work may be very complete, but that first impression of a recognized template will play against our interests.

Templates are unattractive and outdated

Not only is it that the templates that PowerPoint incorporates are highly visible and easily recognizable, but also they tend to lack visually attractiveness, since in general they tend to be quite ugly, being far from the most current trends and designs that have little or nothing to do with the outdated models that the Microsoft tool incorporates.

Since we are going to invest valuable time in our work it is important that it is displayed in a visually appealing way and not in an old fashioned way. For this reason, it is better to invest a little more time in designing an attractive presentation than not to give a bad image of what we want to expose.

Reduced space due to useless elements

When presenting our work we must always try make the most of the space that the slides offer us. Keep in mind that the more space we have available on the slide, the more freedom we will have to express our ideas. However, this is something that can collide head-on with using PowerPoint’s predefined templates. Since they are, they include such an amount of content that they severely reduce the space we have available for content. If we take a look at some of them we can easily see how we hardly have space to develop our ideas, since it is occupied by a number of useless objects that do not contribute anything to us.

PowerPoint presentation design

They put limitations on our creativity

We have already commented that the templates that incorporate PowerPoint are very popular, they are visually ugly and outdated. But it is that, in addition, with its use, we put limitations to our own creativity. Choosing a predefined presentation is the easy thing when we don’t have much idea or don’t give much value to what we are doing. On many occasions it is more convenient to invest the time in imagining how we want the presentation to be and give free rein to our imagination and creativity.

The people who will see the presentation are likely to take into account both the content and the originality of the presentation. A well-designed and easily understood presentation can be our success, so it is important to have your own designs, even if it involves a greater investment of time.

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