5 alternatives to Netflix where you can watch hundreds of movies and series for free

With the end of shared Netflix accounts, many have been the users who have unsubscribed or have changed the subscription plan with ads, a plan that, in the United States alone, has grown by 500% in the last month. If we are among the users who have unsubscribed or are waiting to receive the notice from Netflix, there’s no need return to the traditional television model.

The number of options available is very wide and varied. In addition, it is not necessary to religiously pay a subscription fee to be able to access the alternatives to Netflix that we show you below.

Rakuten TV

Another interesting option that we cannot fail to mention is found on Rakuten.TV, a platform that offers us a wide range of movies to watch completely free of charge. It is only necessary to register on the platform to be able to access the entire available catalogue. In addition, we also have the possibility of renting the films that have finished their cycle for the cinemas for very little money.


eFilm is the multimedia platform for lending multimedia content from the Spanish library network, and allows us to access a wide catalog of films for which it is only necessary to have the corresponding public library card that we have in our town. This platform is available in most of the autonomous communities and, just like the book lending system works, we have a limited time to see it, a period that is between 48 and 72 hours depending on the title.



If what we liked the most was the Netflix bet on anime and what we would like is to find a free platform to access this type of content, the solution is through Crunchyroll, a platform that has a wide range of anime. Much of the content is available for free with ads, ads that we can remove using the different payment plans available.

Main Crunchyroll


RTVE Play is the streaming platform for public television, a platform that allows us to access completely free of charge and without the need to register, to a large number of series and movies in Spanish, both content generated in our country and abroad. Through this platform, we can also access the live broadcast of all the channels of the public entity.


pluto tv

Pluto TV is a platform that has been in operation for a couple of years in Spain and that offers us the possibility of free access to more than 100 channels of TV, channels classified by categories, so accessing the type of content we are looking for is very quick and easy. But, best of all, it is not necessary to register on this platform to access the content. The only drawback, not everything is perfect, is that advertising is shown during the transmissions, advertising that is much smaller than what traditional televisions offer us.

pluto tv christmas

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