5 changes you can make to your router to make it go much faster

Why can you start go bad router? The reasons are different, but it generally occurs due to having a bad location, devices that interfere or being saturated over time. All this will be able to solve if you take certain measures to enhance the operation and not have problems.

Settings to make the router go better

Getting the router to work well will allow you to achieve a good internet speed to view streaming content, use the cloud or download files. But it will also allow you to connect many devices without problems and the dreaded continuous cuts appear.

restart it sometimes

Something you can do to improve performance is restart it from time to time. Some models even allow programming restarts at certain times, for example once a week or every few days. The objective is to solve possible problems that may appear and make it work at full capacity.

How often to restart it? Although there is no set time, to give you an idea it is better to restart it every week than every month. That is, the sooner you restart it, the less likely it will start to malfunction or have some kind of failure and you won’t notice.

Change Wi-Fi channel

Another change you can make is with the Wi-Fi channel. You may be connected to a saturated channel, something that can happen especially if you live in an area of ​​buildings with many people. Maybe your neighbors use the same channel as you or a nearby one and that will cause interference and failure.

The 2.4 GHz frequency is the one that usually has the most saturation problems, so it is more important that you choose the channel better in this case. If you live in an isolated area, with no other networks nearby, then you won’t care and this problem will not affect you.

update it

You should also keep in mind the importance of update the firmware of the router. This will help you correct security problems that may exist, bugs or introduce useful news that may come in handy for your connection. Our advice is that you should not use the obsolete router and always have it with the latest version.

To update the router, it will depend on each model. There are some that update themselves, without having to do anything. Others, on the other hand, you will have to enter the configuration and go to the corresponding section to update the firmware. On some models, you will even have to download the file from the official website.

change location

He where you put the router It will be key to achieve a good functioning of the wireless network. Make no mistake about this, since it is one of the main reasons why coverage does not reach the areas where we are going to connect devices of all kinds, such as television, computer, etc.

Ideally, you should have the router in an area away from possible interference, obstacles and devices that may affect the signal. Putting it in a high place is a good idea, such as on top of a piece of furniture. Do not put it next to a large wall, or near electrical devices.

Solution in the router so that the Wi-Fi goes better

use another band

That frequency do you use to connect? Modern routers, the vast majority, will allow us to connect to the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band. The first is the one with the greatest coverage, but the speed is more limited. Instead, the second is the one with the highest speed, but is more sensitive to obstacles.

Therefore, it is a good idea to change the band if you see that it does not work well. Perhaps with this change you can achieve a better connection performance, avoid interference and have a correct speed.

As you can see, these changes can come in very handy for your router to make it work more stable, faster and avoid complications. Review what we have mentioned, since simply by making some adjustments you will be able to notice a significant improvement in the Internet connection.

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